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Sick President Jammeh. Is he dying?
Sick President Jammeh. Is he dying?

Unimpeachable reports emanating from close sources within State House in Banjul have reported that the Gambia’s brutal tyrant President Yahya AJJ Jammeh is seriously suffering from brain tumour and MUST either immediately go for an operation abroad or else he will die within a short span of time.

Our State House sources have indicated that the Gambian dictator has made all senior security officials swore to the Quran and Bible that in an event he leaves the country, they will remain loyal to him and never betray him. Each senior Army, NIA, Para Military and Police Official was called in and made to cleanse properly under the watchful eye of his trusted aides and made to swear that they will be ready to kill to defend him and his interest in an event he is out of the country and this was done in coded secrecy.

Many are wondering why some senior officials keep their allegiance to this tyrant despite they all knew he is not fit to rule the nation and these latest revelations have shown why. Gambians should not be surprised if the head of state leaves the country soon for abroad no matter what misinformation comes from his lying machine. What we know and which is an unimpeachable fact is he desperately needed operations on his brain tumour with great urgency. President Jammeh’s ill health has been circulating round town and outside the Gambia for years now and at one time he was on French capital Paris admitted in hospital for an undisclosed illness. This we at Kibaaronews would keep a watchful eye on to see what the government would come up with this time round.

Freedom for all political prisoners! Stay tuned.