Is This Not Another Malicious Way Of Relaying Information?

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Sulayman Nyassi  I woke up to the news that our comrade Lasana Jobarteh was unlawfully paraded in court and foolishly charged with bogus charges as relayed by one of our renowned and rising stars in the business of journalism, Fabakary B. Ceesay. He is a very brave, young and talented journalist who went all out to risk his life to investigate about those who got killed or mysteriously disappeared in within the Fonis, including Jammeh’s own family members. He scarified his life to let us know the truth surrounding many of Jammeh’s atrocities committed in the Fonis and are all well documented so kudos brother Ceesay, we salute you as well. 

I read his posting on his Facebook wall and couldn’t believe that the Jammeh administration will yet stoop this low over again to dare prosecute an innocent man, for simply exercising his constitutional rights. Clearly, it is yet another display of the lack of intolerance, rule of law in our motherland but above all, it goes to further expose the brutal nature of the globally rejected regime of the Jammeh administration.

To all those who misunderstood my worries and outburst with regards to our dear brother, editor Pa Nderry M’bai should please follow me for the last time, as I was shocked to see him doing all that we confronted him about with even more malicious intent.  I will explain clearly why I draw such a conclusion.

Following the report from our brother B. Ceesay who posted it on his Facebook page, Freedomnewspaper took the story and republished it and further went on to add very implicating stuff. I want  you to revisit the article carefully and be your own judge.

Pa Nderry put it in this own way by first reporting exactly that “Lasana Jobarteh is charged under the information act for broadcasting using Skype through an iPod without license. He pleads not guilty. Darboe is applying for bail,”Fabakary B. Ceesay reported. The case is being heard in court at this time. Will keep you posted. Here he started his spin on it by promising us that he is aware of the ongoing court case and therefore, we will be informed in due course. Fine brother, as expected of you.

Now folks, Mr editor M’bai went on to add his spices and herbs on it with pure heart feelings by adding this to the story line, saying that, “It would be recalled that Freedom radio’s coverage of the opposition rally was facilitated with the help of Lasana Jobarteh, who uses Ousainou Darboe’s Ipad to relay the opposition meeting through our airwaves. He logged on Darboe’s personal Skype account to be able to stream the meeting live on Freedom radio”.

It will be recalled he started with, as if we the public were there when he made arrangements to air the rallies and not only that but he seems to be violating his own code of conduct. It is evident that he is selling out our comrades on the ground and in the same struggle by further authenticating, revealing and willingly and covertly, supplying information to the repressive regime, knowing that such can, will or maybe used to implicate innocent people. Over the years, he directly and indirectly helped the regime to victimise so many people of our beloved nation.

Yes he did a wonderful service to our people as well but equally, he caused many families to cry, for losing their bread winner and he does it, brag and laugh about it so Pa Nderry must not be immune from any criticism hence he is clearly playing with the lives of our people as if he is acting a horror movie. Pa is even more than happy to tell the NIA WHO and HOW he covered the rallies and yet he is a professional journalist? Is he protecting his source of information here? Is that not a clear violating of confidentiality and all code of conduct as a journalist?

Pa, I know you must have been fuming that Jobarteh was arrested and released without Darboe being arrested as well hence you clearly have a big agenda against the UDP and its leadership because otherwise, why will you be revealing all the above information as to who did what and how it was done? I find your coded messages very Pathetic and sickening but many do now know your true face in the struggle because you have become another Jammeh on both sides of the corners of the world to the point that you brag about being the most feared Gambian. Good on you mate but what you wish to see may befall on your very head brother.

I thought you would have learnt from your own mistakes but it is now clear that you did it all this years with pure malice, hatred and jealousy. I personally once thought high of you but the more I scrutinised some of your write ups, the more disturbed I become and that is how we got here brother. Like I said, I will take this opportunity to publicly challenged you and your praise singers for a clean, free, fair and balanced debate to iron things out still just to proof my case to all and show you that on a level, I have no beef with you at all but the way you think and flow in writing your articles must be revisited for many are falling victim because of your gullibility, naivety or irresponsible behaviour as a supposedly professional journalist.

We all now know your impudent nature and is no difference with that of your boss in the game of rudeness, Jallow Kanilia. Pa Nderry Mbai, do please revisit your mail on FB and see the messages I sent you on the day the monster brought your parents on GRTS. You know full well that I, like many people took the time out to comfort you not only privately, but went all out to defend you against any negative vibes in public as well but If you can now be shamelessly sitting in your comfort home in the US, raining insults on our elders will only goes to reaffirm to me that, all that your parents have said may as well be considered to be true hence only a cursed child will dare to disrespect our elders in the manner and fashion you doing brother.

Any Gambian blessed enough, wouldn’t be disrespecting our elders in this trial times. Remember that your grandfather came to the Gambia and established a solid relationship with the very people you now insulting today. It is like listening to Jammeh ranting and insulting us all as a nation brother. Do you have to stoop this low after all you’ve already done in the struggle to become someone in our nation’s history, post Jammeh era? Whoever is telling you to attack tom, dick and harry are only misleading you because our focus should be our common enemy brother Mbai and you know better than stoop way low below your expected standards as a professional Journalist in the struggle.

Please brother, is time to wake up to reality my friend and realise that a website, radio and sources are not the end of this world and many have it well before you came to the US and none have ever used it to get people in trouble like you are still doing. Pa Nderry, do please always remember that  Jammeh will soon become history and remember that, we’re all in this struggle together so do reason well with yourself because you do seriously need advisers who will not praise you all day and night but tell you the harsh reality at all times.

Frankly speaking, that is what you lack hence no one can tell you anything because you own your newspaper and radio, which is sad but please brother, listen to the voices telling you the truth out of good will and principles based on honesty and brotherly love. Time to change your ways brother for the life’s of our people is not for sale nor for fun.

In the service for Humanity,

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK