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Kanilai Bakery Farm
Kanilai Bakery Farm

Jammeh meeting staffs of Kanilai Bakery Farm
Jammeh meeting staffs at Kanilai Bakery Farm

Fuming with chilling rage, President Yahya Jammeh shut down his Kanilai Bakery Farm due to financial mismanagement at the bakery; official sources told Kibaaro News, earlier today, 16 February 2014

“Yes it is true that the bakery is closed on Friday by the plain clothes officials from the state Intelligence Agency who have asked us to go home after collecting the keys from the management at the farm”, a senior staff at the bakery said.

“We have not yet received our salary and this has worried us. We have families to feed at home and for months now management keep assuring us that our salaries will be paid to no avail” lamented one of the workers who prefers not to be named.

Millions of dalasi went missing from the President’ Bakery Farm to an extend that some junior staffs who do the hardest labour went without salaries for more than five months now.

Kanilai Bakery Farm employed more than 200 Gambians in more than six outlets across the greater Banjul region. Its main outlet is situated at the pipeline Road. The bakery produces large volumes of French bread for the retail market of the Kombo Saint Mary District of the Gambia.

On several occasions, staffs at the said Bakery have complained about non-payment of salaries by their employer for months. Their fervent complaints were often met with stern threats of dismissal instead of reasons for delay in payment of their salaries by the authorities.

In an attempt to cover up the financial malpractice at the Bakery Farm, scores of staffers were retrenched from the bakery with few months’ wages in January 2014.

Less than 24 hours after President Jammeh returned from Turkey on Thursday evening, he has ordered the closure of his bakery. Up to the time of going to press, the fate of remaining staffs of the Bakary continue to hang in limbo. They have neither received any informing regarding their owed salaries nor their employment status after been told to go home.