Jammeh Punishes Scorpion’s Fans Club

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Only Two Fans Cheer U-17 Team

National Scorpion’s Fans Club has dearly paid the price of failing to toil in President Yahya Jammeh’s Kanilai farm. Consequently, Mr. Jammeh allocated only two air tickets to the fans club to cheer the Gambia’s women’s team at the Fifa U-17 World Cup tournament in Azerbaijan.  The tournament  kicks off on September 22.

The President of Scorpion’s Fans Club Bai Ebrima Cham made the confirmation at a news conference. He said the acting Director of Youth and Sports, Pa Suwareh Faye, made the expose.

Mr. Cham could not see the basis for punishing his club because its members take part in most of the President’s activities such as July 22nd and independence celebrations.

“So how come they are labeling us like that. This is why we wanted to see the President and explain to him our problems because it is good we hear it from him than anybody else,” Mr. Cham said, adding that his club is among President Jammeh’s favorite family members. “He likes us very much because anytime we go there we do entertain him, and he appreciates it.”

Cham still wants explanation on why his club, which is big in size, gets only ticket tickets from President Jammeh.

“Why is that we were given two tickets after telling us that the president said we are not part of the package,” Bai Ebrima Cham asked, complaining that is not simply enough for only two fans club members to cheer the national U-17 women’s team.