Jammeh rains money on Jalex

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Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has rained half a million dalasi on the country’s rising music star, Malang Touray.

Nicknamed Jalex, the musician who sings mostly in his mother tongue Mandingo dialect, received the fabulous gift from the Vice President Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy in Fajara. Mrs. Njie-Saidy said the gift was in line with the President’s overall aim of developing young and rising musicians.

We had earlier reported the Gambian Leader handing 260,000 Dalasis to Jaliba Kuyateh  who is a well known Kora musician with huge fan base in the Gambia and abroad and dashing such huge amounts to musicians we belief is neither a bad thing nor an excellent gesture as the country still struggles with famine and huge number of families still under starvation.

Again the donation was presented on behave of His Excellency by VP Njie-Saidy who applauded Jalex and others for being innovative music-wise, and urged him to redouble his efforts, as he is young with a bright future. While noting that the music field has become competitive of recent, she promised that they would do whatever they can as a government. She also prayed for other young musicians to excel in their endeavors.

Speaking at the occasion, VP Njie-Saidy urged Gambians to support local musicians, pointing out that music is never an easy task as it requires sleepless nights. She reminded the gathering about the president’s unwavering love for the people of this country and his desire for every Gambian to realize his or her potential, while acknowledging that Gambians has also done a lot for the president.


She continued: “The president’s commitment to the musicians cannot be overemphasised. This is why he bought some musical instruments so that they cannot be tempted by outsiders. We have hope in all the young musicians because they have shown loyalty to the government.” The vice president went on to extol Jalex’s music innovations, which she said have earned him popularity in and outside The Gambia.


She them urged the young people and music beginners to emulate people like Jalex in terms of innovation. She also commended the National Centre for Arts Culture (NCAC) for bringing innovation in the field of music and urged all musicians to rally behind them.


On his part, Jalex expressed delight and thanked President Jammeh for the gesture, while praying for long life, happiness and prosperity for the Gambian leader. He spoke about the importance of musicians, saying they also play a significant role in nation building. He assured that the money will be put into good use adding that the musicians would do everything possible to elevate Gambia’s music to a very fundamental level.


Also addressing the gathering, Tijan Kamara, the chairman ofthe NCAC board, reminded Jalex that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’. He said the president’s wish is to see that every Gambian prospers and plays a part in nation building. He then thanked the president for taking the bold step of assisting Gambian artistes.


Wood Re-exporters & Forest Users

The Wood Re-Exporters and Forest Users Association also on Friday presented the sum of D40, 000 to the government of The Gambia as part of their contribution to the national crop failure. The money was received by VP Njie-Saidy on behalf of the Gambian government, at her office at State House.


Speaking on behalf of the government, the minister of Forestry and Environment, Fatou Gaye, thanked the Association for their concern, saying the contribution would boost government’s efforts in helping the farmers of this country. “We are very grateful for your contribution and we want to assure you that the money will go a long way in benefiting the people affected by the crop failure,” she said.


Lamin Barrow, the chairman of the Association, also expressed hope that the amount would really complement government’s efforts in addressing the crop failure in the country. “We are always ready to complement the efforts of the government and we will always stand by the government in all areas,” he added.


Kibaaronews comments and analysis on the issue: By Bamba Mass Editor.


As Dr Jammeh continues to be so generous to young rising music talents, It is a welcomed guesture as it gives encouraging gears to young talents but we thought otherwise due to the economic situation of the country at present. With prices of major basic commodities skyrocketing, we expect the Gambian Leader to focus on alleviating poverty as his first priority rather than pubic displays of generosity to individuals.

How about providing free medical treatments for those who suffered injuries as a result of his Biscuit throwing incidents? How about compensating the families of those dead as a result of such accidents. What about giving free to the Gambia people those thousand of kilos of bags of rice donated by republic of China on Taiwan to the Gambian people instead of selling it to Gambians at lower prices as APRC Rice. Has the Gambian Leader forgotten, he had benefited from such generosities before he become Head Of State when the former President used to give such rice to Gambians free every Rainy Season for years and years and that only stopped when he came to power selling it to us instead?

The editorial at kibaaronews felicitate Dr. Jammeh for those guestures but also urge him to show more kindness towards victims of his own faults. Those who had suffered would not have if he and his huge entourage behaved otherwise by sending those biscuits to Mosques, Churches or Children’s homes across the country to be properly distributed to needy people. In that he would be truly respect not fake respects as some of his followers show and taken seriously as a Leader that cares.

In fact in most cases our correspondents discovered that those victims of the Biscuit cases, do find it hard to get proper medical attention from doctors who fear if they showed mercy to victims, they might loose their jobs because they do not know how the oga would view such sympathies.

As a leader lashing out cash to citizens  is a good thing but it should go to those who needed it most. These shows of generosity in our view is for public knowledge as both Jalikebba and Jalex are famous musicians with huge fan base therefore more political than anything else. Let our leader use such money to help famine that had hit his nation so hard. There are so many bags of rices in such huge amounts and would benefit so many thousands of families if he so cares.

As the Gambian leader accuses the West  saying they lacks the moral obligation to lecture Africa on democracy. We belief he need to know the fact also remains that African Leaders themselves cannot build opinions about democracy. It is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and conducts while in office which most Leaders find difficult to accept from its citizens.

We are not in anyway against those musicians Jalikebba and Jalex we love them as young Gambian talents who should be encouraged as we reported and wish them every best of luck and success in their careers.

Our aim is to report in a balance and fair manner acceptable to our readers.