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Sonko and Ben 2

Yahya Jammeh’s musical chair: Yankuba Sonko and Ben Wilson swap IGP post again!

Reports reaching Kibaaro News Desk have confirmed that the Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh’s electrical broom has visited the Gambia Police Force Headquarters, leaving a trail of devastating mass sackings and detentions of senior police officers, some of whom face questioning.

The electrical broom had swept away the Police Chief, IGP Ben Wilson, leaving vacancy for his predecessor, Yankuba Sonko to bounce back and cling on to his one time coveted post of Inspector General of Police, after losing the same in November 2014 to his now predecessor Ben Wilson.

Ben Wilson, who served at the post of IGP for less than a year, has been axed and detained for questioning, police source confirmed to Kibaaro News, on Wednesday.

It is not yet known the circumstances surrounding the termination of Ben’s service and detention” explained our police source.

Ben Wilson was the former Commissioner of Western Division, before being  appointed as the Inspector General of The Gambia Police Force, replacing his now successor, Yankuba Sonko, who is the longest serving IGP under the reign of Dictator Jammeh, after previously manning the post from March 2010 to November 2014.

IGP Sonko was then redeployed to the Ministry of Justice, where he served until his reinstatement as the country’s Police chief.

One officer who spoke to Kibaaro under the disguise of anonymity chided that the Gambian Dictator is very stupid! “He keeps firing and hiring like a headless chicken. Don’t be surprised if he reinstate Ben in few months time and dump Sonko into the ditch. This President of ours is seriously insane!

The Police Administrative Officer, Abdoulie Sanyang, is also reported to have been axed with no official reasons for his removal.

Many other top senior officers of the force may receive their marching orders very soon, but it is not yet clear and we don’t really know why?” added our police source.

Sudden hire and fire is common tradition in The Gambia for most civil servants and other public sector workers, since the emergence of Yahya Jammeh to the helm of the Gambian apex on 22 July 1994. Security of tenure for civil servants in the Gambia has since become historic and security of tenure only hangs on the mercy of Dictator Jammeh.

Civil servants are in constant fear of being fired, and in most cases  risk arbitrary arrest and detention by state security agents, after their dismissals, for reasons best known to the state, which are never disclosed to the affected persons.

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Sonko and Ben 2

Sonko and Ben

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