Jammeh’s Disturbing News Reach Kartong Residents

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 The villagers of Kartong were left to battle pain and disbelief on Thursday after it became official that all compounds around the area’s military barracks would be seized. The is a fulfillment of President Yahya Jammeh’s planned military barracks expansion.

The shocking news was relayed to Kartong residents by a delegation headed by the chief of Kombo South, Mustapha Konoria Touray. President Jammeh want to kick off the military expansion project without delay.

During a meeting with Kartong elders, Chief Touray said he was assigned by the governor of the West Coast Region had who received the order from President Jammeh. He said his role was to “communicate the president’s message to the affected villagers.”

However, Kombo South chief fell short of informing the affected residents whether they would be compensated. A failure of adequate compensation will leave the powerless residents to battle for shelter and survival.

Kartong villagers are worried about where to get shelter and food, and therefore pleaded to the chief to relay their frustration to the president.

Our source who was privy to the details of the meeting said Chief Touray was indeed sympathetic to the affected people. ”I understand your dilemma and frustration, and I will communicate your plea to the governor,” Chief Touray repotedly told Kartong residents. ”I will surely inform you about the president’s final decision.”

As they desperately waited for the president’s final straw on the camel’s back, Kartong residents worry about how to provide shelter and food for their families. Until then aggrieve-laden residents are left with no choice other than raising their palms to the sky praying to Allah to rescue them.




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