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Am I bothered! Yahya Jammeh seems to be implying from his posture!

Am I bothered! Yahya Jammeh implies from his posture!

After failing to attend the previously scheduled opening of this year’s Legislative year, the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh finally appeared at the country’s National Assembly, on Thursday, 31 March 2016, to address the legislative body of the country. Unlike previous years, the President use the occasion to spew his venom at the absentee West, whilst exposing his lack of vision to improve and develop the country to his viewing countrymen.

The delusional Gambian leader had very little for his domestic audience in the speech, except his unsurprising threat to laid off all of the country’s current lawyers, Judges, etc, by changing the country’s legal system into Sharia; in adopting Sharia Law as the Supreme Law of the land. The visionless leader failed to give details of any benefit to the country to be achieved from such a change of the country’s legal system from the English Common Law legal system to an Islamic Sharia based legal system. He further failed to expound on why the need for such change in the country, at present; when the country lack the institutions and expertise to run such a legal system.

He further bragged about the opportunities available in his country, which foreigners are making the best of, whilst the youths of the country are leaving to seek for the same jobs in the racist Europe. He commended the women folk of his country for what he described as their hard-work and making the best use of the opportunities in the country.

The Gambian President previously used the occasion to brag about his many visions for the development of his country; most notably his Vision 2016 and Vision 2020. His Vision 2016 promised to attain the country to a self-food sufficient status by 2016, and bragging to bar all food importation into the country by January 2016.

However, almost four months into 2016, there is not a scintilla sign of halting in the food importation into the country. Neither is the country anywhere near attaining that Self-Food-Sufficiency status, at present, than any other year in its history. Leaving the Gambian President visionless for 2016. As a result, the President deliberately omitted any mention of Vision 2016 in his speech or provide any reason for the failures of his Vision 2016 in his speech.

Instead, as if he was addressing Western politicians, or better still Western audience, the mentally disturbed President spent greater part of his marathon speech to denigrate the West for their wrong labeling of terrorists. He complained that the West was wrong to label ISIS as an Islamic Terrorist group, whilst refusing to label KKK as a Christian Terrorist group. He further criticised the West for labelling their extremists and racists as far right, quizzing “what is right in racism?”

The erratic President further went on to castigate the west for its interference into African politics. Questioning, “Who are you” – referring to the west – to state a leader should not lead or be in power, when his people voted for him to be there. He preached that the West talk of regime change, but they cannot change a regime sustained by Allah!

To sum up, the Gambian President’s speech was another ploy to divert attention from domestics to international issues, which concerns his suffering people very little. His speech was simply design to attract headlines and attention, but lack any substance for the average Gambian families, struggling to make end meets. It’s another clear sign that there is nothing left in the cupboard of Yahya Jammeh to improve the living standards of Gambians or develop the Gambia.

All that is left in Jammeh’s cupboard is lies and more lies.

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