Justice Joseph Wowo is Gambia’s New Chief Justice

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By Papa Kumba Loum

Justice Joseph Wowo is back in the Gambia for a revenge mission!

Sources from the Gambia have informed me that Justice Joseph Wowo, who was recently forced to leave the Gambia early this year after being charged with giving false information to a Public Servant, has not only been invited back into the country by President Jammeh to give evidence against former Minister  of Justice Lamin  Jobarteh and ex- Solicitor General Pa Harry Jammeh but  has now been appointed as the new Chief Justice of the Gambia,  replacing the renown toothless Acting Chief Justice Raymond  Sock.

I was also informed that there is panic at the Judiciary and at the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice as Wowo is believed to be out for revenge and that he is already requesting for his pound of flesh. Wowo knows everything that has been happening both at the Ministry of Justice and at the Judiciary for the last six years. He has been part of the inner cabal of Pa Harry Jammeh and Justice Akomage Agim as they together with their group feasted, dined, wined, womanized, cooked up judgments and share the proceeds of their ill gotten gain.

Wowo like Agim knows that he is not liked by Gambian lawyers and Judges but he does not care because he is there for revenge and to do the bidding of President Jammeh. He is currently the blue eye boy of Jammeh and Jammeh is going to use him to the fullest to not only nail Jobarteh and Pa Harry but all those who supported his removal and deportation.  Wowo is currently telling the President any and everything and this is causing a lot of panic.

Wowo is akin to a gangster now turning state witness and Jammeh loves it. People at the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary are not sure what he is telling the President and what he is leaving out and this is causing diarrhea both at the Bench and at the Bar and at the remand wing of the Mile 2 prisons, Pa Harry is crying constantly because he cannot comprehend the level of betrayal given all that he has done for Wowo and the other Nigerian Lawyers and Lamin Jobarteh on the other hand is said to have collapsed on numerous occasions because of shock.

Unfortunately for the pleasant but naïve Pa Harry Jammeh, he thought that these foreign mercenaries were genuine friends. Well now he knows these are judges for hire with no integrity whatsoever and these are the kind of people Jammeh wants. It is sad that our own Gambians connive with these unscrupulous and dodgy characters to screw their own people and homeland. Mind you Pa Harry is not alone in this department.

Now did I hear Gambians at the Bar and Bench saying that they have an independent judiciary and a vibrant and serious Bar Association?  Let us get it straight guys – Gambians are a bunch of jokers and that is why Jammeh, Wowo and Agim are able to screw us daily while we go around in our nice 4 wheel drive  vehicles pretending that we are professional lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, accountants etc.

Welcome back home Chief Justice Joseph Wowo. I will definitely pay you a visit at your luxurious offices at the Supreme Court Complex when I visit the Gambia in the coming months.

God Bless Yahya Jammeh and our ignoble, dishonorable and shameless l elites, technocrats and opinion and religious leaders and I am not here only referring to Njogu Bah and  Imam Fatty  alone  but if the cap fits wear it.

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