Kibaaro Exposes Jammeh’s Plot to Kill With Poison

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President Jammeh, Zeinab and former Ambassador Mustapha Bojang in Saudi Arabia!

Our impeccable sources have once again uncovered Gambian president’s plot to secretly poison the Gambia’s former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Let the Family of Mustapha Bojang be informed Jammeh intends to have dinner with their loved one on the 17th of January unless he cancels it,” Bamba Serign Mass spills the beans.

Mr. Mass’ Kanilai Group said President Jammeh continues to groom Casamance natives into his death squad and even promotes some of them to the diplomatic mission.

“I am reliably informed that you replaced Mr. Mustapha Bojang in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after we uncovered your plot to eliminate him and another Gambian in Dubai. My informants told me this Mustapha Bojang is presently in the Gambia after you invited him to come over for consultation and while he was on his way, you secretly replaced him with a non-Gambian, one from Casamance,” Mass said.

“I told my informants that I cannot keep such a thing as I do not want any more Gambian victim. We are tired of screaming. I had to beg them so hard to allow me share this information so let the people of Brikama and Kembujai be informed. I even know the guy who is tasked to poison Mr. Bojang I swear Mr. Dictator, if anything happens to this innocent man while in Banjul, I shall come with the name of the man who you tasked to administer the poison. Unfortunately he is known to many Gambians as a decent man,” said the anchor of Dialogue with President on Kibaaro Radio.

Mr. Mass only provided some clues about the poisoner, describing him as “a man whose stomach is growing bigger and bigger with haram [forbidden food]. He pants like a pig whenever he walks few meters. Even the blind would not find it hard to know he is bad. But I shall keep his name as promised to my informants,” Mr. Mass added.

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