Youth Dies Mysteriously Under Security Custody

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Family Refuses To Sign Document of Exoneration


Chief Of Staff Lt. Gen. Badjie

Chief Of Staff Lt. Gen. Ousman Badjie: Can’t you for heaven sake control your mad cows!

The mysterious death of a Lamin youth under security custody has raised more questions than answers, with the family of the late Kasim Kanyie refusing to sign a document exonerating the police from blame.

Kasim Kanyie, 30, was arrested near Abuko abattoir on Saturday while riding a bicycle home after work.

Kibaaro News gathered that police arrested Kasim after he was found riding bicycle on the side road. At the time, the highway was blocked hours ahead of the President Yahya Jammeh’s convoy.

Kibaaro News was also informed that Kasim was escorted to the new Abuko police station for questioning. He was then reportedly handed over to the military who took him to an undisclosed location where he was beaten him to death. The military then dumped his lifeless body to the police and left. It was then that Kasim’s family in Lamin village in Kombo North was informed about the shocking news.

Upon arrival at the police, Kasim’s uncle Bamba Kanyie refused to collect the body until the police explained the circumstances that led to the tragedy. “They repeatedly claimed that he died shortly after his arrest,” said a family member. The police defended that “Kasim was arrested for being in front of the presidential motorcade. We brought him here but he accidentally died,” the police reportedly said, failing to be specific.

Bamba left the police station in fury, refusing to sign a document exonerating the security from blame. His numerous questions about what exactly happened to his nephew fell on deaf ears. Not knowing what to with the body, the police escorted him to Francis Edward Small Hospital in Banjul.

Kibaaro News has learnt that police were scared of telling the truth, fearing a military backlash.

Kasim’s family received the news with “shock and disbelief.” They want “full blown investigation into how and why he died. He is a young Gambian whose death must not go in vain. We are therefore calling on the government to reach to the bottom of the case. There must the cause of his death, even though the police would not tell, which leaves us in devastation and shock. It’s difficult to stomach,” said Seedy Kanyie, an uncle of Kasim.


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