“Legal Profession under the Radar” Jammeh Tells New Lawyers

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Dictator Jammeh are you qualified to preach justice & rule of law?

In a speech delivered by the deputy speaker of the national assembly dictator Jammeh told 27 new lawyers that were called to the bar that the legal profession in the country has lately been under the radar due to the undesirable behavior of some of its members. President Jammeh who has been severely criticized by rights groups for gross violation of human rights in the small West African country mustered the guts to preach new lawyers on the rule of law and justice. He said peace and security of a country is created and nurtured through social imperatives like the rule of law and the equitable dispensation of justice. This is the 3rd time lawyers trained at the University of the Gambia are called to the bar.

Critics say dictator Jammeh’s speech is an indication that lawyers are being watch and that they could be in hot soup if they happen to trample on the interest of Gambia’s chief adjudicator. The climate of fear in the Gambia has made it very difficult for people in various works of life to execute their duties appropriately. Civil servants have fallen victim to the unjust system hovering over everyone’s head. A number of individuals in the legal profession were arrested and dragged to court over frivolous allegations and others ended up behind bars for some time. It is one thing to write very brilliant speeches exhorting peace, justice and rule of law but it is another thing to act accordingly. As the saying goes a speech that comes from the heart would enter another heart but a speech that comes from the lips of an insincere and deceitful leader would bounce off the ears of listeners. If there is anyone who needs to internalize such a speech on justice, peace and rule of law it is dictator Jammeh himself.

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