Lt. Bah Knew Execution Weeks Before

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Lt. Lamin Jammeh Was Also Executed 

Leaks from Mile II Central Prisons revealed that former Lt. Alieu Bah knew about his execution weeks before President Yahya Jammeh made public his intention to execute all death row inmates by mid-September.

So far, nine of the inmates were secretly executed by firing squad, even though their appeals were still pending.

“Lt. Bah had a clue of his execution before President Jammeh made a public declaration,” prison sources told Kibaaro News. “He did not only tell a prison officer about it, but also assigned him to inform a former prison inmate in Sweden. Bah wanted the inmate to mount a campaign on his behalf. He was in a desperate situation and wanted the world to be aware of it.”

Our sources confirmed that Mr. Bah’s message was relayed to the said former prison inmate on Facebook.

“Unfortunately, Bah’s message were never shared with the public, and therefore felt disappointed,” said a source. “The recipient only read the message and logged out. He hasn’t shared with anyone either.”

Confirmed sources said the said recipient got fainted upon hearing the execution of Lt. Bah. “He was guilty of betraying a desperate man whose life could have been spared had he mounted a campaign on his behalf. I understand his friends and associates have since been blaming him for leaving a death row inmate in the cold.”

Lt. Alieu Bah hailed from Soma town in Lower River Region. Bah and his colleague lieutenants Lamin Jarju and Lamin Jammeh were convicted of launching armed attack on Kartong Military Barracks in November 1996.

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