Mile 2 Prisoner Severely Beaten For Glass Breaking

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Mile 2: Home of Fear, Death & Hopelessness
Mile 2: Home of Fear, Death & Hopelessness

A prisoner serving life in prison in Mile 2 has explained his awful ordeal to investigators, explaining how he was severely beaten and dumped into an empty cell after he had broken glasses. Omar Sey’s violent behavior was a response to prison authorities’ failure to rush him to hospital.

Sey, a Banjulian convicted on December 28th 1993, told a team of security officers investigating cell phone infiltration in Mile 2 that he was left to battle sickness by himself. “I was sick and was supposed to be taken to hospital but was dropped; only Ndeneh Faal was taken and when I enquired as to why, I was told that Ndeneh bought the fuel,” Sey told investigators. “I got upset and started breaking office glasses. I was seriously beaten and dumped into an empty cell where I later caught pneumonia which eventually turned into TB. I went through TB treatment for six months.”

Sey’s comments, contained in an investigative report compiled by Operation Bulldozers, also gave a clue of the escalating cell phone ownership among Mile 2 prisoners.

Omar Sey told investigators that prison officers singled him out for search in the wake of cell saga in prison. Nothing was found in his possession but he was escorted to Banjul where he was asked about how he had acquired ownership of Africell phone no. 7462206. He confirmed ownership of the number but that he had flushed the phone into the toilet when he saw prison officers heading towards him.

Before he owned a phone, Sey used to call his wife, mother and one Agi Kumba Ndure through a fellow prisoner Rambo Essedin. Sey said he had bought the phone from another prisoner Badou Loum. Loum had denied selling the phone to Mr. Sey.