Modou Sowe’s Case should bring down Jammeh Regime

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By Landing Nyassi, Norway

Momodou-Sowe-disappearedprotocol-officerIt would not require Einstein’s intelligence to develop a theory that Jammeh is a heartless despot and a narcissist of the highest degree because all the literature or evidence one needs to back up such a claim are in abundance and a lot more is generated every day.  I need not delve into brutality this man has orchestrated on the Gambia and her people, for all are in the open.  Many a time when people are abducted by the country’s spy agency, families of victims fear to enquire about the whereabouts of their loved ones, talk less of fighting for their release. But two women have broken that norm by coming out plain in the open to ask for the release of their loved ones, their best friends, sum it all their husbands.

One of the women’s efforts has paid dividend and that is the wife of Alfusainey Jammeh whose husband, a prison officer was snatched from her for seven good years. Alfusainey was released when his wife took a bold step and filed for his release at the high court. Although the rogue regime in Banjul never admitted harboring this young man but guess what? A couple of weeks after his wife filed a complaint at the high court Alfusainey was driven to somewhere in the middle of Serekunda and set free. This is how wicked Yahya Jammeh and his cohorts are. They got this young family man abducted and kept away from his family for seven good years only to release him one day without charge. The lesson to be taken from the episode of Alfusainey is that families of disappeared Gambians should not remain mute; they should come out and pressure the regime to release their love ones.

 Like Alfusainey, Modou Sowe a former protocol officer also disappeared in thin air and it is now one year no charges are brought against him. Modou Sowe went to work on the faithful day of December 3rd 2012 and never came back home.  According to a Foroyaa newspaper report the wife of Modou Sowe said her husband went missing when she was 4 months pregnant. She said shortly after he disappeared some men turn up at their residence and requested for the clothes of her beloved husband and she requested to be given access to her husband but they replied in the negative.  For Mrs Aminata Camara-Sowe the abduction of the family’s breadwinner has been a nightmare from the struggle to meet the daily household needs to grappling with answers to questions from their young daughter who consistently ask about her father.  Despite all odds against her, this woman is still strong and continues to ask about the whereabouts of her one and only one. This is how a true partner in life is supposed to be and we commend her for the stance she has taken. Shame on the man who claim to be championing the welfare of women but continues to abduct, detain, torture and sometimes brutality end the lives of husbands of these women. If Mrs Camara-Sowe’s plight does not move Mr. President it only solidifies claims of how heartless he is.  No human being with his/her true senses would not be moved by what this young woman is going through because of the abduction of her husband. According to the Foroyaa newspaper publication of November 2013 the woman narrates her ordeal as follows “I was four months pregnant when my husband left me. Our only daughter would make us weep everyday when she asks about her father’s whereabouts”.
Mr. President the daughter of Modou Sowe needs him in the same way your daughter and son Mariam and Mohammed respectively need you. Whatever crime Modou Sowe might have committed he deserves justice, he deserves to be treated humanely. Release this family man whose daughter is clamoring to meet on a daily basis or charge him and bring him before a court of law. We have got enough of this impunity. Be rest assured that these atrocities your despotic regime is committing on innocent Gambians would catch up with you. These evil practice are devouring the very foundation of your regime that is built on an underlying brink of precipice, sooner or later it would crumble and take you and your enablers down. Modou sowe deserve justice, his wife and daughter deserve to know about his whereabouts. Mr. President, wake up to the plight of this young woman before your regime crumbles into an underlying brink of precipice.


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