Shyngle Nyassi Shares Personal Story With Kibaaro Radio

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Shyngle Nyassi

Momodou Lamin Shygle Nyassi

By Suntou Touray

Momodou Lamin Nyassi alias Shyngle last week shared his personal story with Kibaaro Radio.

Mr. Nyassi, a key figure within the opposition United Democratic Party, delved into his political life, how he became a Christian and his fierce battle against tribal politics in Foni. Mr. Nyassi said his late father had restrained him from contesting against certain individuals during the Jawara era.

Shyngle Nyassi who hailed from Bwiam said his grandparents fought hard to acquire ownership of Foni Kansala. His father was a World War veteran.

The interview, aired in Mandinka allowed Shyngle Nyassi to share his knowledge about selection in the First Republic. He also talked about the late Koukoi Samba Sanyang’s failed political bid and the events leading to the 1981 foiled coup.

After several years of resisting against tribal politics in Foni, Shyngle finally had something to celebrate. This was after Alkali James Gaye who was a casualty of tribal politics in 1982 clinched Foni East seat in 1987.

Mr. Nyassi also painted a picture of the political brouhaha initiated by the ruling military junta. He gave reasons why Lawyer Ousainou Darboe was chosen to lead the UDP.

Shyngle Nyassi said it was about time that Gambians desist from political apathy. “Without the rule of law, good governance and democracy, he argued, “we cannot even be proud to call ourselves Gambians.”

Mr. Nyassi called on Gambians to be united in zeal to dislodge President from power through democratic means. “I am a democrat and I belief only in the democratic process to change the current government,” he said, exhorting Gambians to launch an all-out war on politics of tribalism and division. “I have been accused in Foni of thinking I’m Mandinka, all because I refuse to accept tribal politics in Foni and the Gambia.. I stood against Foni becoming a one party region.”

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