Breaking News: Jammeh Fires Nana Grey-Johnson

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President Yahya Jammeh has struck Nana Grey-Johnson with his electric broom. The erudite Gambian author is no longer needed as the Minister for Information and deputy Secretary General, and was therefore shown the exit door.

Kibaaro News has been tipped that Nana Grey-Johnson’s sacking could be connected to the Gambia’s unceremonious Commonwealth exit, a move that pushed the West African country further into isolation. The Commonwealth officials maintain that it was Nana Grey-Johnson who was chosen to provide the Gambia government’s farcical reasons for leaving the 53 member organization of mostly former British colonies.

Mr. Grey-Johnson had reportedly gone against the advice of his fans and well-wishers and accepted to serve in a government bent on hiring and firing officials without justifiable reasons.

The veteran writer’s fans most of who are aspiring Gambian writers have been betrayed to the core when their idol joined the Jammeh camp.

Mr. Grey-Johnson did not only anoint President Yahya Jammeh but also championed his government’s tattered image. Most people said he joined the Jammeh camp principally to raise his cabinet profile.

Now that he is sacked, his close friends wonder how he will react to the sudden news. Not long ago, the once Gambian pride writer picked a fight with formerĀ  President Sir Dawda claiming to have written the former elderly statesman’s book and therefore deserves to be credited.

Nana is among the never-ending greedy intellectual prostitutes who put forward their selfish interest to anoint and join the bandwagon of the Jammeh dictatorship. Nana will be remembered along with others as enablers of the Gambia’s tyranny.