Nana Grey-Johnson Becomes Secretary General 2

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Njogu Bah's security compromised

Njogu Bah


Nana Grey-Johnson close to Oga













Nana Grey-Johnson has been appointed deputy Secretary Secretary General at the Office of the President, Gambia Affairs reported. It was not clear whether Mr. Bah, who proves to be President Yahya Jammeh’s drum beater, will be affected.

Mr. Grey-Johnson’s appointment, sanctioned by President Yahya Jammeh, took effect on Thursday June 6th. Until his latest appointment, Mr. Grey-Johnson was the Gambia’s Minister of Information, Communication and Infrastructure, a position that is yet to be filled by Gambian President.

The 62-year-old Banjulian is a seasoned journalist and author of many books, including “I of Ebony and Max the Cat.” He had previously lectured at the University of the Gambia and American Embassy in Banjul.

Last month, Mr. Grey-Johnson joined Gambian journalists to mark the World Press Freedom Day. He wanted the media to be responsive to development news rather than merely concerned with news that undermines the Gambia’s international image and standing.

“We are of the view that most of the difficulties between state and press are magnified by suspicion, paranoia, and agenda. Media must demand of itself the true examination of the quality expression of its responsibility as it asks of government. By every means, it is a two-way street,” he said, assuring journalists of the government’s commitment to enhance the “professionalism of reporters to the status of professional associations like the bar and medical associations.“


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