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Pa NderryPlease accept my sincere heartfelt strong condemnation of the treacherous misconduct of Pa Nderry Mbai who is regarded as a role model of many Gambians including my humble self, irrespective of tribe, age, sex or religion to have the audacity to castigate the Mandingos. UDP has nothing to do with the Mandingoes and if you have grievances against the cyber warriors of Darboe’s loyalist why can’t you address them directly instead of being nasty to a unified tribe like the Mandingos.

Even the ASN newspaper edited the first line of your article and how unethical and unprofessional you are? The crop you are growing in your media house when it geminates could be a catastrophy for the Gambia. You never stand to say anything cruel about your tribe. So the love you have for your tribe is the same love Mandingoes have for their tribe. I am a keen listener and admirer of your radio but will never sit back for an idiot like you to castigate my tribe.

However, the innocent citizens of the Gambia will never forgive any journalist who engages in tribalism. It is the most worrying trend in politics of the Gambia today. The media, which is the fundamental pillars of any prosperous nation is supposed to be an objective observer of politicians and put them on their toes. The media is the ear of society and its work impacts greatly on the national psyche. The media’s objective reportage of the news helps the masses to know what is going on in the government and the realms of politics.

Therefore, it’s just so disgusted that some of our journalists have thrown good journalism to the dogs and have chosen to join the tribal bandwagon. It is a pity that Pa Nderry Mbai did not learn from Rwanda and other nations who went down the drain because of their engagement in senseless tribal journalism. There is no justification for a journalist to engage in tribalism and so-called journalists who have chosen that cause should bow their heads in shame like monster Pa Nderry Mbai. A journalist plays tremendous roles in the lives of every human being. None is born a tribal or bigot from their childhood. It may be Mr Mbai’s parental or society that shapes his perception critical of the Mandingoes. Growing up from tolerant parents and society goes a long way to producing tolerant and colour blind adults that blend well with the rest of the world.

During Mr Mbai’s analysis, he tried to segregate the Mandingoes by saying that some are from Kombos and others from provinces but we still see each other as a family. We have associations every city in England and we will stand by each till dooms day.

In essence, it seems some pockets of individuals of Pa Nderry’s calibre are still not prepared to relinquish their inimical upbringings and their negative perception about how they intend to live with others who differ from them in this world.

These types of people must be told in their faces that, all the different tribes were created by Almighty God in his infinite wisdom and we are all here to stay together as long as the human race is permitted by our Creator to exist on this universe until Armageddon. There’s nothing the ethnocentric like Pa Nderry Mbai can practically do to stop or eliminate the Mandingoes. I am always critical of UDP but from now on my association is going to support the party financially and morally.

These kinds of people need urgent consistent vigorous education to prune the negative perceptions of their inimical parochial view of this world. How long will the human race continue to wallow in the shadows of ignorance of that magnitude, in this era of our continued perceived civilization? Unfortunately, in spite of the milestones achieved, we are still crawling, so far as socialization with our fellow human being is concerned. Regrettably we keep on retrogressing socially due to our inability to cogitate about our lives appropriately to live in peace and harmony amongst ourselves as civilized human beings.

So, it’s sad that we are still in this quagmire of ignorance but, sadly that’s the truth, and it’s a shame to us the Gambians. Especially if only we still believe in ourselves as human beings whom Almighty God created in his own image. We are privileged with all the attributes others species never had, and yet our behaviour of living peacefully with each other is still a daunting task.

Unbelievably, tribalist like Pa Nderry still makes the entire world look so fussy. Making it very difficult for some ignorant people to fully accept, cherish and tolerate their fellow human beings as colleagues, friends, or to be in courtship just simply because of their tribes. This guy’s evil perception of the Mandingoes is real and he is no difference to Yahya Jammeh. Anybody who thinks those social diabolical traits don’t exit is only attempting to bury their heads in the sand not to hear, see or have decided to live in the fool’s paradise.

Species of Almighty God are all endowed with different colours and they tolerate each other with the exception of the human races that discriminate amongst each other. Biologically, we are exceptional animals, due to the benignity of God’s infinite mercy. It’s remarkably absurd to comprehend because, dogs and cats are of different colours yet, they socialize with ease likewise most animals in our midst and around the universe except the human race. Gambians coming together irrespective of their tribes, age and sex is a good thing that Freedom editor should be advocating and cherishing.

The saddest part is that, the ignorant so called journalist like Pa Nderry will go into their grave with nothing except, his evil, cruelty he have exhibited unto Gambians whiles they were alive. If the ignorant have no idea about his final journey, let him learn from here right now that his pen will dry and no one will revive his legacy. Even your spouse and children will not want to stay near your grave when it’s getting dark. What a pity to the ignorant.
All the Gambians must act on these retrograde inimical behaviours in our societies to change the mentality of the ignorant for the betterment of the entire world.

Let’s seriously do something about tribalism, let’s talk about it because it’s tearing us apart instead of bringing us together in peace and harmony as real civilized people created by Almighty God.

I am ready for any constructive debate anytime you wish.


Amadou Sillah




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