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No person except sadist would condone the medieval brutality of unarmed civilians particularly in 21st century democracy. Albeit the circumstances encompassing the murder of two environmental activists in Faraba Banta have not yet been established, that fact remains the act is callous and disheartening.

Many are arguably asking for the head of IGP Kinteh to roll without a comprehensive and conclusive investigation of the police involvement of the two murders in Faraba Banta. Hasty conclusions can almost always lead to regrettable decisions. What is prudent is to first established who fired the shots which killed the two innocent civilians. That should follow with the detention and investigation if the officer(s) to establish whether they acted under an order. If it was ordered for them to open live ammunition, who gave the order and to what extend was IGP Kinteh involved.

Perhaps, the officer(s) acted in sheer panick and alone. In that case, the officer will be sole held responsible for acting irresponsibly and unprofessionally. This only goes to reiterate that our security apparatus need urgent and thorough rehabilitation. After 22 years of carrying out heinous crimes for a sick dictator it is absolute necessity for rehabitate and reform the security services. It is virtually the same people who killed and maimed for Jammeh who are still executing security roles for us today.

It is hurtful but we must act with care and due diligence to get to the bottom of this barbaric act. Measures must be in place to avert using medieval brutality as means of curb antiestablishment and prevention of civil manifestations. The Barrow leadership must not only issue a reaffirming statement but act swift to dispense justice.


Sulayman Jeng

Birmingham, UK