Power Belongs to the People: The Release of UDP Demonstrates APRC Can Collapse like a Pack of Cards

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By Papa Kumba Loum

Well need I say more? Bullies are cowards and Yahya Jammeh and his henchmen and thugs are bullies who have been getting away with maiming and killing innocent Gambians because they believe they will not be challenged. All one needs is firmness and boldness and to take them head-on.

Lawyer Darboe do not underestimate the power of the people. They are fed-up after being brutalized for close to 20 years.  You see when you left your wig and gown at home and walk pass the courts straight to the police station to demand the release of your youth wing supporters what the deputy IGP said – I quote “the arrest was a big misunderstanding and that, the 9 youth leaders were mistakenly detained”.

Lawyer Darboe, I said last week in an article that this battle will not be won in the courts because we do not have independent and impartial courts. I had said that this battle will be won in the streets. Let us use people’s power to unseat evil. All that is needed is to motivate and inspire the people and they will be out in their numbers. The next march should be to the NIA Headquarters to free all the political detainees – Amadou Sanneh is waiting to be rescued. You will be surprised by the cowardice of Captain Saine and his team of idiots. They will all run away. All you need is about two hundred Gambians marching to the NIA – UDP you have the numbers. As for Captain Saine he will be easy to arrest and for obvious reasons too. And finally the real march will be to take over State House and declare the 3rd Republic.

Halifa Sallah, please learn from this at least it appears that the lawyer is now listening. Put your pen down and trim your afro and go and rescue Mr Kah the PDOIS messenger, after all, he said that “you are the only man who wears trousers in the country.” Well I am not too sure about that but I know from the actions of Lawyer Darboe that he does put one on. My message to controversial Hamat Bah is to remove your khaftan and stop talking to yourself. Mai Fatty of the Gambia Moral Party (GMC), you are too far away to coordinate and lead any protest march. When are you coming home? We need some morality in this country- just look at the way the religious leaders are behaving.

It appears that the revolution has already started in the most unfamiliar places -“The TUJERENG UPRISING” brought the fall of Yahya Jammeh. This will be a good caption for our former Minister of Information and historian Nana Grey Johnson for his next book now that he is unemployed.

Sorry if I sound provocative but that is Papa Kumba Loum for you.

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