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Cameron and Obama on the phone

Cameron and Obama on the phone

Dictator Jammeh pointing a finger at the West.

Dictator Jammeh pointing a finger at the West.

The Gambia’ political pervert President Yahya Jammeh in an attempt to defuse an impending mass political demonstration in the streets of Banjul accused the Western countries of planting and nurturing seeds of political revolts in Africa. Speaking to a news hungry Gambian press, he postulated that it is the so called Developed Countries who ferment and fan the flames of political instability in Africa then turn to blame its leaders for human rights violation.

President Jammeh, who has his eyes set on the Chairmanship of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), said Developed Countries are only interested in seeing Africans slice one another’s throat but not in her development hence the reason for their sponsorship of proxy wars in many parts of the continent. Jammeh, who brags that he is the one who brought development to Gambians doorsteps, warns that he will not allow any enemy of development in the Gambia to be used as a stooge for the West. “Anyone found guilty of such a betrayal to our dear motherland will rot in hell”, he threatened.

“I believe what is happening in Africa is Western sponsored proxy wars.  They don’t want Africa to develop simply because if Africa develops and becomes industrialised, their industries will sink on their knees.  The industries in the Developed World depend on raw materials from Africa”, he told baffled journalists at the Banjul International Airport shortly after his arrival late Friday from Abuja, Nigeria, where he attended the country’s centenary celebrations.

President Jammeh who is noted for making headlines for all the wrong reasons said Developed Countries are holding back the development of Africa just to keep their own industries in business. The Gambian leader who admits that he is a Dictator but denied being a Monster rules his people with an iron fist. President Yahya Jammeh ascended the Gambia political power in July 1994 through a military coup always passes on his political failure on the Developed Countries yet he crawls back to them for crumbs. He keeps showcasing his gullibility and leadership inaptness by recurrently making chilling attacks on gays and lesbians; gross human rights violations including crackdown on the media and political parties.

The country is currently at loggerheads with the European Union over Mr Jammeh’s human rights record. In October last year, Mr Jammeh accused US and Britain of supporting a coup d’état against his regime. Britain and US have denied Mr Jammeh’s claims describing them as ridiculous and absurd.

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