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“The Gambian Embassy in Taipei left an indelible bad image as it hurriedly and unceremoniously nullified diplomatic relation its host nation”, a Taipei source informed Kibaaro News.  Long serving staff of the mission were neither paid their salaries nor compensated for their services to the Gambia government. The Jammeh regime still owes them several months’ salaries and benefits. To the chagrin of the former embassy staff, Jammeh makes them feel it is their fault that their salaries are not paid and the marriage of convenience between Banjul and Taipei dissolved unceremoniously.

“For example, the private secretary to the Ambassador, Ms Shirley Lin had worked for more than ten years in the Embassy. She even worked under Essa Bokar Sey. The Utility driver Lamin Camara, a Gambian had work since 1996. They spent most of their lives working for the mission and they were not given a single butut when the mission closed. Even though they work up to the last minute before the embassy closed”, lamented the source furiously.

“There was an officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei who  transacted the mission’s vehicle papers for shipment also pleaded that the mission should try and give them something to hang onto before they get employment. Nevertheless, with all these efforts and intervention, the Jammeh regime blatantly refused to pay them their salaries. As you know all the missions are housed in one main building in Tai Mou Taipei. Other Gambian missions are also very angry about what Jammeh did to the colleagues in Taipei. They said the Gambian government should not have done that after these people devoted all their time working for the Mission”, added the source.

“What other missions do is they will calculate each year one spends with the mission and they give you a month’s full salary as bonus. As a result, the Private Secretary should have been paid ten months wages as she has spent ten years working for the mission judiciously.  The same applies to Lamin Camara. Lamin Camara has a family in the Gambia which he supports with his earnings from the mission. He is currently out of work and is finding it difficult to up keep himself and his family”, further disclosed the source.

“The mistreatment of people is being extended beyond the Gambia boarders by this repressive regime. As we speak it has led to the mistrust between Gambians in Taiwan. I think the Jammeh regime needs to improve its operation/dealing with the international world and abstain from tarnishing the image of the Country”, advised the source.

“In my next deliberation, I will avail you detailed accounts and in-depth budgets of the Missions as well as monies owe on school fees and health insurance for local staff and Gambian students in Taipei”, promised the source.