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Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

The new Chief Justice Eli Nawaz Chowhan

The new Chief Justice Eli Nawaz Chowhan

Gambia’s Dracula President Yahya Jammeh has again vows to Gambians and the international communities that his government will restore the death penalty to drastically curb crime and to ensure peace and stability in the country.

The Gambian Dictator made these comments on Thursday night during the swearing ceremony of the newly appointed Chief justice, Eli Nawaz Chowhan together with two other judges – Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle as president of The Gambia Court of Appeal and Justice Oledi Uko Uduma as a High Court Judge.

“We will carry out execution for those who deserve it; when you kill you will also be killed for fairness. How can one kill and be set free in the streets? What about the family of the one who was killed?  We will carry out the execution in accordance of the law”, serial killer Yahya Jammeh told Gambian legal minds. “We will no longer live in animal kingdom. Those who deserve to be killed will be killed because they have killed somebody.  I want to make sure that even a six year old boy or girl if sent to the shop no fly will touch him or her in the streets”, Monster Jammeh further added.

According to Murderer Jammeh, his government will leave no stone unturned in the maintenance for peace and stability in the Gambia. He wants to make sure that there is peace and stability in the Gambia. “Justice will be done to ensure that Gambians are not harmed in their own country and we will not be dictated by anybody or any so called human rights organization and neo-colonialist who massively looted Gambian resources for four hundred years”, boasted deluded Jammeh.

The Gambian Dictator further revealed that his government will change the country’s official language from English to a local language noting that it is not a force to speak English as an official language. “It is not a force for us to speak English as our official language after the British have massively looted our resources without any development for 400 years of colonialism. Only two Hospitals that they build in the Gambia are Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital now Francis Small Teaching Hospital and Bansang Hospital other than they didn’t make any development in the Gambia”, Jammeh lamented.

According to the myopic Gambian leader there is no independent judiciary in the World, it is not possible you cannot be independent from the government; there is no country in the world that is not dictating the judiciary. He warned that no outside forces or embassies will be permitted to interfere in Gambia’s judiciary system. “Our former chief justice cannot make any handing over as he ran away and she is nowhere to be seen ,he was dictated by some embassies in the Gambia and if we find out and know  which embassy was involved we will deal with that embassy accordingly”, he warned.

It would be recalled that in August 2012, the Gambian Despot stunned the world by executing 9 dead row inmates in Mile II Prison under the pretext of the death penalty. His government tried but to no avail to cover the unconstitutional summary execution. It was forced to retract its denial of the killings after the media exposed the heinous act. Many fear that President Jammeh intends to execute all his political opponents before the 2016 Presidential Election under the con of the Death Penalty.

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Chief Justice Eli Nawaz Chowhan

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