Disabled endures Jammeh’s wrath

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A disabled woman has become the latest victim of President Yahya Jammeh’s wrath along Kombo Coastal Road. Fatoumata Balajo got fainted after Jammeh’s entourage threw a cartoon of biscuits on her as she awaited transport. 

She was immediately rushed to the hospital with an ambulance. 


Bystanders were shocked as the President’s convoy failed to stop to assist or find out the condition of their victim. The incident is one of many incidents involving the President’s convoys; a similar incident caused the live of a young boy who was hit by one of the vehicles of the convoy, as he attempted to grab a packet of biscuits being thrown by the President’s convoy.

 Analysed by Bamba Mass editor Kibaaro News

Foroyaa Newspaper report of the story explained that every Gambian has a right to personal security and safety and any action on the road that threatens the safety of road users and bystanders is against the traffic regulation of the country. The article charged that the government is well aware of their duties every Gambian road users with regards to their safety and security. The article reasoned that throwing packets and cartons of biscuits on the road from vehicles moving at high speed is threatening the safety and security of road users and bystanders. They urge the Gambian Leader to show maturity and cease such incomprehensible practices. They urge him to use his electric broom to cease the unlawful killing and suffering of Gambians.

They further urge the President to allow access to human rights defenders and those concerned to investigate the case of Ms Fatoumata Balajo and many others, who were victimised as a result of the throwing of biscuits by the President and his convoy. They further questioned why the government and the president could not send the biscuits to schools, mosques and churches for an orderly distribution to its intended recipients rather than throwing them to hungry bystanders in the streets.

The security and safety of the people are paramount. All actions that threaten road safety should be nipped in the bud.
Dr. Jammeh who appears to care so much about his people need to take action now before more heads roll just because they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time like Mrs Balajo. It is indeed sad that our Leader who can give hundreds of thousands as handouts would not care about someone’s death as a result of his lack of care on the part of his convoy. Gambians would love to see their leader take personal responsibility and curb on such malpractices of his drivers and soldiers.

The Kibaaro News and Radio urges the Gambian leader to take actions without delay before giving credit to speculation that there is more to his biscuit throwing than just mere distribution of biscuits for the benefit of his intended recipients. We urge the Gambian leader to respect the Gambian people’s right to safety and security on the roads. The least person they expect to be causing their deaths on the roads is their president. They said a word for the wise is sufficient.