President Modifies Executions Tone

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Executioner In Chief: “I Will Live And Die For You”

President Yahya Jammeh has apparently changed his harsh tone on executions of death row inmates.

Mr. Jammeh vowed to suspend the executions should Gambians pleaded with him. “If you Gambians want the death penalty to be removed from the constitution, it will be removed,” Daily Observer quoted President Jammeh as saying.

Gambian leader however said he would not “succumb to human pressure.”

He said the death penalty is not meant for specific Gambian citizens but for murderers.

“It has nothing to do with politics. If I am to sign 10, 000 death warrants to save 1.6 million Gambians, I will do it. If any country has a citizen in the Gambia and do not want them to face the firing squad, let them not kill any person in the Gambia,” Jammeh bluntly stated, adding that he is not a colony anybody.

Mr. Jammeh said his government would not allow less than one percent of the population to hold the country hostage. As a leader of an “independent and dignified country,” Jammeh said he was committed to rule the Gambia “without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

President Jammeh told toiling youths at his farm that “I live for you and die for Africa.”