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Protesters demand the release of UDP leaders and illegally detained
France protesters demand the release of UDP leader and others illegally detained
Gambians and Friends of the Gambia clamoring for Justice under heavy rain in Germany
Gambians and friends of the Gambia clamoring for Justice under heavy rain in Germany

Gambians and non alike came out in their large numbers yesterday 22nd April and this afternoon 23rd April to protest against the brutalization of Citizens by the rogue regime in Banjul.  Ever since the Heavy handed response to peaceful protesters in Gambia on 14th and 16th April there has been an international outcry. Gambians in the different parts of  the world came out to Express their dissatisfaction and show solidarity to victims of protest.

In Paris the protest took Place in the form of a peaceful assembly punctuated with speeches and anti – government slogans. Sheikh Sidia Bayo who With his men earlier on invaded the Gambian Embassy in Paris was among the crowd displaying the slogan “wato sita” meaning time is up for the rogue regime in Gambia to pack and give way for Democracy and rule of Law. Speaker after speaker lamented on the injustice taking Place in the lining in the belly of Senegal.

In Germany over 200 Gambians turned up at the demonstration.  What happened in the Gambia on the 14th and 16th April is a very rare occurrence for the culture of fear have engulfed Gambians for a very long time. People hardly speak openly on the injustices taking Place in the Gambia for fear of reprisal  but the latest protests is an indication that the shackles of fear and intimidation are gradually being hacked to pieces. Despite the heavy rain  in Germany  Gambians and friends of the Gambia came out in their large numbers standing shoulder to shoulder to show solidarity with oppressed people of their homeland.

Yesterday 22nd of April there was a massive demonstration in the center of Dakar that gain wide media coverage across Senegal. Senegalese politicians, youth activists and civil society groups came out to show solidarity with citizens from the neighboring country. Killa Ace the Gambian revolutionary Artist whose single “Boka C geta G” went viral was at the demonstrations spreading the revolutionary lyrics.

Protest in Dakar denouncing tyranny in Gambia
Protesters in Dakar denouncing the tyranny in Gambia

Discussions are on the way in Scandinavia ; Sweden and Norway to stage  similar protests so as to draw more international attention on the situation in Gambia. Despite protests and international condemnation the Jammeh brutal regime has refused to release the leader of the UDP and dozens of protesters arrested on the 14th and 16th April. The Regime has paid deaf ears on the demands for the release of bodies of those tortured to death while in detention. Meanwhile the detained opposition leader is posed to appear in court again on Monday on the 25th of April to battle against flimsy charges leveled on him and other peaceful protesters.