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Author: Seedy Ceesay

H.E. The President of the Republic of The Gambia

State House

Banjul, The Gambia

Dear President Jammeh:

We have an important item to discuss with you about the state of affairs of our beloved country. Mr. President, as citizens of The Gambia and with our common love of humanity, we are with the humble opinion that the matter before us is that our country is slipping away into darkness with very little hopeful future for our sons and daughters.

Mr. President, there have been so many disappearances without trace, unsolved murder cases, unexplained deaths, continuous detentions of prisoners without a fair trial, lack of freedoms of speech and expression, and no free media. You may have a different opinion to the one I’ve just expressed in this letter to you but we think it is time for you and every citizen of The Gambia to take stock of your 19 years of rule. This is not a challenge to you personally, or to your leadership. It is aimed to engage and to create a platform to discuss the plague of the numerous people who’ve become victims during your term in office.

The Gambia is a sovereign republic and you took an oath to protect the lives and properties under the 1997 Constitution to treat everyone equally with no favor or ill will. Subsection (d) paragraph 1 (of number 25) in our Constitution states: “Freedom to assemble and demonstrate peaceably and without arms.”

Mr. President, with this letter we are notifying you that we will be holding a peaceful, unarmed assembly of citizens as we gather together in a sit-down demonstration on Thursday, April 24th. (The venue and time will be communicated to your office in due course).

We wish to appeal to your leadership and your office to safeguard us as we assemble. Please ensure our safety during the course of this peaceful assembly with the help of your security forces. We look forward to hearing from your office with a timely response to our request.

Yours in service,

Seedy Ceesay

The Republican Group


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