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Firstly, I must hasten to register my profound congratulation to all those brothers and sisters for a job well done at the demonstration which recently concluded in Washington DC. You did a commendable job. I’m really proud of you and cherish your gallantry with a salute. Folks, you have explicitly manifested to the whole world during the protest in DC that Gambians are now ready to join together under a single platform to get rid of common problem which is no other than our idiot monster is calling himself a president.

As I was keenly following the demonstration broadcast live on most of the Gambian diaspora radios, I recognized voices of different people from different groups and organisations. Suffice it to say, all of these different groups and organisations were there for a single purpose: delegitimizing Dictator Jammeh. They worked hand in glove to ensure  our idiot monster shivers in his pants inside his cosy hotel room. Since we all have a common problem, it is therefore fitting to unify our concerted efforts as one and fight against the brutal regime of President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh. Why can’t we take the DC demonstration as our guiding bearing and join hand in hand to uproot President Jammeh’s government for once? Although we cannot all be in the same group or organization, but all these groups and organisations can collectively join together as one to get rid of President Jammeh and his bunch of criminals.

It is understood wherever there is a problem there is a solution to remedy it. Consequently, we can be able to resolve our differences and unite under a common agenda while maintaining our varied memberships and allegiance to our different groups and organizations. I am conscious that it is a human nature to have differences and even fight, but after each fight we must also find  ways to reconcile. I know there are wolves in sheep clothing within us, but is not a reasonable excuse for us not to unite beside our unity will expose them. We have intellectuals, wealthy people, technocrats as well as foolish, stupid and poor idiot in our mid but that does not punctuate we cannot unite and fight to end the dictatorship of President Jammeh.

President Jammeh and his bandits are continually killing our people back at home, raping our sisters on daily basis with impunity whiles we are here in the diaspora opening our big mouths, shouting and fighting each other. What is even more shameful is putting our personal problems and differences ahead of our national problems. SHAME ON US! Criticism and self-criticism guarantee  healthy progress of the struggle. Resorting to character assassination will not help us realize our common goal.  Moreover, we often tend not to appreciate the fact  that Allah (SWT) has already chosen President Jammeh’s successor long before he assumed the presidency.  Believe me or not brothers and sisters that is decreed and nobody can amend or stop that from happening. Therefore, we must refrain from pulling and pushing one  another down.

Our struggle is to liberate ourselves from the shackles of self-colonialism and dictatorship. We need to come up with fitting strategies to develop a political power which can intelligently manoeuver Jammeh’s political decadence and replace it with one free of personal ambition, self-centredness, corruption, power hunger and flamboyance. The collective leadership of all the groups and organisations should ensure the cohesion of our revolutionary movement to eradicate poverty, hunger, illiteracy and maintain peace for the mass on whose course we claimed to be salivating.  Every human being has fundamental rights as NATURAL CITIZEN regardless of colour, ethnicity, religious and social status.

I often reiterate on my weekly radio programmes that all Gambians especially those in the diaspora to forget about our personal differences and unite against getting rid of President Jammeh. We are tired of the barbaric, cruel and brutal style of President Jammeh’s regime. We need to free our brothers and sisters from the yoke of President Jammeh’s slavery. We must act fast before it is too late and remember opportunity knocks but once. On a daily basis, we are talking on the online radios and writing articles upon articles on the online newspapers on how to weaken President Jammeh but fail to live what we preach. If we really mean what we say and write then what is stopping us from rallying behind one body and rescue our country from the brink of obliteration.  It’s sad for us to keep on saying united we stand, divided we fall and yet we fail to demonstrate power resides in unity. Instead, we are further dividing ourselves daily. Unless we prove that we are ready to put our differences behind us and match forward in a single file, we will only be fooling ourselves. In conclusion, it is apt to assert our success and failure lies with our ability or inability to unite.

Lamin Saddam Sanyang, the Netherlands.


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