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Defiant Protesters around the High Court in Banjul

Defiant Protesters around the High Court in Banjul

Paramilitary Personnel on guard around high court in Banjul

Paramilitary Personnel on guard around high court in Banjul

By Gambiankolu

Today marks the third time when the Gambian prominent opposition leader Lawyer H Darboe and the co were brought to court hearing since their arrest and detention following the peaceful march geared towards the release of the detained UDP youth wing leader Solo Sandeng and his colleagues. The court, which has denied the opposition their bail application, is believed to be devising calculated strategies, engineered by Yaya Jammeh, to manipulate and delay the procedures in an attempt extinguish the moral of the detainees and their families. As the demand by Mr Darboe for release of Solo Sandeng dead or alive is fall on deaf hear, Lawyer Darboe are being frequented the court for the third time in two weeks.

What is Yahya Jammeh opting to achieve! Yaya is prolonging the process in order to permit the enthusiasm and zeal of determination and defiance to be killed in the people with time . This is because the continuing trend of defiance and persistence of fearlessness for Yahya Jammeh are unprecedented in The Gambia; thus, Yahya Jammeh is paranoid with presence of large number of people in the court. This uneasiness with the situation is manifested in blocking routes to Banjul and to the higher court and the deployment of para militaries in the site. The fact that Yahya is out of sight publicly also demonstrates the amount of fear and uncomfortableness he is retaining at the moment vis-a-vis the unfolding situation in Banjul.

Despite the fact the defiance and determination are higher among the people, this could be vanished if we put into consideration the financial cost and the hardship of traveling to Banjul to attend the court procedures; this is even acute if we consider the fact that so far there are no melodious and positive outcomes which can be touched by these people with their presence. Therefor, amid the deterioration the legitimacy of Yahya among The Gambians both at home and abroad; as Yahya Jammeh is sensing the fragile nature of his grip on power; as regional and international pressures are being built on Yahya Jammeh; as international media are closely watching the development in The Gambia; as foreign diplomats in the Gambia are engaged in the process of releasing the detainees; and as the security as cautious to attack the people amid mobile-photo-taken revolution, it is the higher time for Gambians to seize these opportunities to organize another peaceful march the message of which should revolve around releasing the detainees.

This is even acute when we put into consideration the uplift moral and inspiration of the people especially women who show now fear to confront the regime through what I term ” calama revolution”. To this end, the UDP party partisans and emphasizers, in collaboration with other enthusiastic party leaders should mobilize people to take to the street. In this context, the roles of the online radio should be emphasized on getting the date and avenue of the March across. Unless this is done, Yahya Jammeh we recover from his fear, and he will be brutal than ever before.

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