Stop Press: UDP Youth Secretary Detained By NIA

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hallAgents of Yahya Jammeh few hours ago picked up the youth secretary of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Upon hearing of Ebrima Solo Sandeng’s arrest, his fellow UDP youth executive members went to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in Banjul to inquire about his whereabouts. Initial reports state that the NIA did their usual lying strategy of not holding Mr. Sandeng. 

The youth executives are said to be working on a strategy in handling the oppressive attitudes of the security agents. Kibaaro News will furnish readers on the turn of events. The battle lines have been drawn, and it is looking as if President Jammeh’s confidence in brutalising Gambians is continuing unabated.

The UDP leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe summoned his executive to an emergency meeting. It is not clear what action the party’s leadership will take.

President Jammeh is hell bent on drowning the Gambia. It is now time for Gambians with integrity, dedication, honesty and courage to stand up against Jammeh’s excesses.

Gambian authorities would not tell why Ebrima Solo Sandeng was arrested. It could however be linked to the Tanji youth conference, where 19 APRC youths cross-carpeted to the main opposition, a development that caused shake up within the ruling APRC.

The cross-carpeting Kombo South youths said their decision to switch political allegiance was prompted by the bad state of affairs in the country. They were also furious by President Jammeh’s recent insult against the Mandingo ethnic group. Also of course to the youths was the continued dirty politics characterised by President Jammeh’s open tribalism.

An earlier arrest of UDP youth leaders resulted to the dismissal of the deputy police chief, David