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Sam Polel is not handsome but has striking features and wore an aura of a likable personality. To some of his sceptics, he is a player. His friends, on the other hand, envied him, as been a ladies man. Anywhere Sam Polel goes, ladies fall for him like dry leaves fly from a tree branch in a windy afternoon. Unlike most of his friends, he pays meticulous attention to his appearance. He will never leave his house without first ascertaining the colours of his dress fall in perfect matching order and loves carrying a mesmerizing flagrance. Sam Polel is slender and of a medium height with a shiny ebony skin. His best mate, Demfadou, is squared-shoulder, muscular and has an oval face with carefully chiselled high cheekbones and a pointed nose. He has a light skin and striking eyes almost feminine-like. His tall posture is erectly pencilled and accentuated prominently by his flat stomach. Demfadou’s enviable statue always stands him out like a lone star among his friends. Despite his magnetic looks, he is shy and lacks confidence in approaching and wooing women.

Demfadou with all his good looks is not lucky when it comes to women. “Polel”, he fondly addresses his best mate, “do you think something is not right with me?” he caught Sam Polel off guard with his rhetoric query. “What…what do you mean by that?” challenged Polel sheepishly. “Well, you almost get every girl you want and I seem to run out of luck with them yet I am more handsome than you. Please let me into your secret”, cajoled Demfadou. “Don’t be silly Dem. Perhaps you are just going after the wrong ones”, laughed Sam Polel. “This isn’t funny. I am utterly serious”, retorted Demfadou. “Listen Mawdo Pullo, this is really beyond my understanding. Honestly, I thought you were just on again with one of your many silly jokes. What happens to Sibo anyway?” demanded Polel scoldingly. “Please don’t go there. Guess what? She is head over heels with you. She decided to go out with me only because she has eyes for you and thought she will eventually make you fall for her too”, he lamented sadly. “Seriously, you are losing it Mawdo. How can you even come up with such a laughable thought? Are you out of your mind?” charged Sam Polel. “Maybe you are right, I am out of my mind but I can’t remember when I was sectioned. She confessed her feelings to me last night when you left us at the house”, revealed Demfadou. “You know what, don’t let her drowned you in an ocean of rejection. You will soon meet your soul mate”, Polel reassured his mate.

Jabou, Nyakoi’s colleague, is a tall, very pretty and light-skinned Mandingo girl almost passing for a Fulani. She is every man’s dream woman, slender, curvy hips and a carefully notched round butt. Her charming face is dotted with two piercing gorgeous eyes and a leaned pointed nose. Whenever Jabou smiles, her velvety and succulent lips retreat like ebbing waves revealing a set of evenly arranged whitish teeth which illuminate against her smooth light skin like soothing stars in a milky way. What is even more beguiling about her is the dimples that surfaces on her cheeks every time she smiles giving her a flawless gorgeous look. Most girls endowed with similar beauty radiate a pugnacious arrogance around them but Jabou is down to earth, approachable and very sociable.

Nyakoi, Sam Polel’s girlfriend, is nick-named by her friends as Lux, a bandit version for local or uncivilized. However, she is blessed with rare inviting features and a bubbly personality. She is mediumly built with a flawless face. Her two greatest features are her full lips and even boobs which most women will go out of their way to have. These are complimented by a perfect glossy ebony skin. Her smile is equally contagious. Nyakoi wears an imperturbable attitude which wins her many associates. Both Nyakoi and Jabou are successful bankers. They are not the closest of friends but share the circle of friends and hang out from time to time. Their friendship is purely centred on when they need one another. For instance, Jabou likes going to the pictures but doesn’t fancy going alone and Nyakoi sometime needs a shoulder to cry on which Jabou is always ready to offer.  Jabou, on the one hand is a party girl while Nyakoi, on the other hand, pays little or no attention to her looks and despises parties. Albeit it she is a banker and meet many dignitaries often, her dress code is well below standard. As a result, Sam Polel often goes to parties and functions without her.

“Jabou, I have noticed how Polel eyes you. Perhaps you may find it weird but I would like to hook you two up”, suggested Nyakoi. “What do you take me for? I appreciate we are not close but at least we are work colleagues and often hang out together. I would be lying to say I don’t fancy Sam but how will the others see me if they find out that I am now seeing him?” Jabou asked quizzically. “What is more important, your personal happiness or other people’s opinion about you? Listen darling, whatever you do in this world, some people will interpret it differently. Some will even go to an extend of fabricating despicable stories about you. Yes, they will talk and say all kind of stuff about you and him but at the end of the day your personal happiness comes first. Moreover, they will not continue to talk forever”, encouraged Nyakoi. “Tell me girlfriend what actually drove this crazy idea into your head all of a sudden?” demanded Jabou. “It is said all that glitters is not gold. Polel and I have been going out for some time now but the truth is we are not an item as most of you perceived. As a result, I don’t want to continue holding onto him with a thin hope that things will work out between us one day. That day will never come. Consequently, it is not fair on him for me to hold him back from pursuing his happiness. I have been observing you too for a while and realize that you two are definitely perfect for each other”, explained Nyakoi. “Just hold it there. I will not feel comfortable with him in as much as I want him, it is just not right girlfriend”, countered Jabou. “You know what, this is a done deal. I will speak to Polel about it later and I insist that you two give it a go. It may be hard for both of you at the beginning but eventually you will get over it. Happiness is paramount darling”, concluded Nyakoi.

“Babe, you not looking all yourself today is anything the matter?” inquired Sam Polel. “No, not at all Polel. I have been seriously thinking about us lately and it is about time we accept the fact that it will never work between us”, began Nyakoi. “Are you seeing someone?” demanded Sam angrily. “Just drop it. How could you of all people think so low of me after all these years we have been together? I am not seeing anyone. I am different between you because I refused to live in denial. We both know that we have reached the end of the road of our relationship. Just look how stressed we get with each other over simple things, Sam”, reasoned Nyakoi. “I have been thinking too but we can still work things out darling,” Sam tried to explained. “There is nothing left between us to salvage. It has burnout itself can’t you see the obvious? Stop acting like the proverbial ostrich and face your demon, Sam”, challenged Nyakoi. “I know but we can still figure a way out”, began Sam. “I have spoken to Jabou at length today. Both of us know you two are an item and I would love you to get together for your personal happiness”, suggested Nyakoi. “Oh, hell no you are definitely talking blah blah. How can I break up with you and hock up with your friend?” asked Sam sheepishly. “Jabou and I are work colleagues and even if we were best friends, I am not selfish. You two will be great and happy together instead of us continuing to be stuck with one another. You are neither happy nor am I. At least if you get together, we will all eventually be happy and to me that is what really matters”, countered Nyakoi.

After what seems to be a never ending persuasion and counter argument, Nyakoi finally prevailed over both Jabou and Sam Polel to get together as couple. However, the new couple agreed to keep their new found love under rap and cover until they are both ready to go public.

Sulayman Jeng, Birmingham, UK