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In a strange kind of reality, the self-anointed Satan bares President Jammeh’s essentials in a revealing and graphic dossier captioned “THE POLITICS OF THE MILITARY”. To give the devil its due, Sam Sarr knows President Jammeh like the palm of his hand. Love the apologist or hate him, Sam must be credited for availing Gambians authoritative information and chilling facts about the epitome of evil-Monster Jammeh. His 114 page dossier walks its readers from the dark alleys of the military barracks into the evil workshop of Jammeh’s mind-set with a sleepover at the underworld of Jammeh’s treachery, betrayals and dubious plots. He then ushers in his readers into the nerve-racking corners of Edward Singhateh and Yankuba Touray.

Albeit many doubt and question Sam Sarr’s sincerity to his new ally, fact remains that he knows too much for Jammeh to snub. True, Sam admits that he said all the stuff he revealed about Jammeh because he was angry and vindictive at the time but both him and Jammeh did not doubt or dismiss the authenticity and accuracy of the informative dossier. As a result, we hereby reproduce the dossier verbatim for the benefit of all Gambians including President Jammeh who should be even more careful now not to ruffle the feathers of his new apologist who has the habit of baring the essential of those who disturb his peace and less goes on another massive scale of painful but realistic revelations.

While Sam aka Ebou Colley rues being angry and vindictive with Jammeh at the time, many wonder if President Jammeh will cushion the shock of betrayal from his vile and troubled apologist. There is no amount of renovative apologies that Sam can give Jammeh to appease for the damage he did to Jammeh’s already punctured pride, certainly not on the scale of painful but realistic image of his “man with a big heart” he bares in the open and documented in electronic for posterity. Whether both are sincere to each other or not, Sam has already presented Yahya Jammeh’s true persona to all Gambians and the rest of the world. Below is PART ONE from his dossier:


Another Dubious Coup Plot in The Gambia:
But Who were these Plotters- Lt. Almamo Manneh and Lt Landing Sanneh?
To start with, let me make an essential reflection. Was it Yaya Jammeh trying
to play the sense of the dramatic two weeks ago when he quoted a well-known Wolof saying to the elders of Banjul “wishes were like personal houses and those who built them usually ended sleeping in them”? Well, I wonder whether Yaya is familiar with this other classic Wolof proverb: “Those who train their own wrestlers usually become the first victims of their students.”
In precise terms therefore, I am saying that if it was really true that
Landing Sanneh and Almamo Manneh actually turned their arms of terror against their Boss Yaya, then the second proverb perfectly fits the so-called coup plot announced in The Gambia on the 14th January 2000. By all indications, it was no secret that Almamo Manneh and Landing Sanneh were Yaya’s most notorious thugs, bullies or killer machines after the tranquilization of Sana Sabally, the death of Sadibou Haidara and the recent marginalization of Edward Singhateh.

Over the years Yaya aide those two monsters who they were and encouraged them in every campaign of terror, torture and intimidation they had inflicted upon the peace-loving Gambian people. The vicious activities of these State Guard henchmen constituted the greatest nightmare of all Gambian, civilians and soldiers alike. Yet, nobody could do anything about them, because Yaya protected them with dogmatic intolerance. When Yaya appointed Landing Sanneh as head of his personal State Guard Unit, it was apparent that he made his choice of Landing purely on tribal lines i.e. Sanneh was simply a “Jola” like him. Furthermore, Landing was the idiotic type of person he could easily manipulate to carry out all his evil orders. But certainly there were more competent and saner officers to handle that
responsibility better. However, Yaya by habit, and like most other despots, enjoyed being surrounded by empty-headed people like him whom he could easily lure into carrying out his dirty work.

Just take a look at the terrible things perpetrated by Landing as Commander of the State Guard – and in all these cases the Kanilai tyrant always commended him. In 1996, for example Yaya Jammeh shamelessly encouraged Landing Sanneh to pull a pistol on Edward Singhateh when the latter was the Vice Chairman of AFPRC government, the second most powerful administrator in the Gambia at the time. Edward Singhateh was merely paying a courtesy call to Mrs. Tuti Faal Jammeh (Yaya’s former wife) when Sanneh under Yaya’s directive threatened to shoot the Vice Chairman. When Yaya got the report, he commended Sanneh for a wonderful job well done. In that same year 1996, Landing Sanneh the State Guard Commander unleashed his men under the leadership Almamo Manneh to conduct the most brutal beating of members of the United Democratic Party (U.D.P.) supporters at Denton Bridge. To the Army itself Landing was a living terror with absolute encouragement and total support of Yaya. Former Army Commander and now Chief -of-Staff, Baboucarr Jatta was in 1997 openly challenged by Landing Sanneh in a manner that had totally undermined his authority as head of the Army. In that case also Yaya clearly stood by his ill-disciplined lieutenant against a whole Colonel. It was the ultimate message from Yaya Jammeh to the entire army that Landing was untouchable among Jammeh’s boys of terror.

However Almamo was a greater terror. Since the coup in 1994 the former sergeant was permanently identified with Yaya in every sort of terrorist action imaginable. In 1996 it was Almamo who shot and almost killed an innocent taxi driver in the streets of Banjul at broad daylight Yaya commended him for it because Almamo acted on his directive to shoot any driver on the move when his convoy was passing. Almamo like Sanneh were the very few soldiers in the whole army with the absolute authority to carry any kind of weapons at all times. Almamo could arrest any civilian or soldier and torture them with animal brutality just to please Yaya. The popular P.P.P. politician and former Minister Omar (O.J.) Jallow had on several occasions fallen victim to Almamo’s brutality on the orders of Yaya Jammeh. He kept the keys to the State House armoury; he was that ugly -looking soldier always in camouflage uniform with dark glasses moving beside Yaya.

Interestingly however with all the terror and madness associated with Almamo the non- commissioned officer, Yaya in 1999 promoted him to the rank of a lieutenant when the idiot could barely read or write. It was a clear manifestation of rewarding the most terrible and incompetent soldier in the whole Gambia Armed Forces. Then all of a sudden we are informed that Almamo and Landing were trying to topple their Boss Yaya but the former was butchered and the latter put on chains. Thank god what a great riddance that was for the Gambian people.

The only person who lost dearly is Yaya Jammeh, but knowing him fully well he would try all his tricks to turn it into a childish victory story for himself. He would fabricate big lies again about super-coup activities he had foiled only to once again expose his puerile mind. Apparently a lot of people may wonder what really brought Yaya and Almamo together in a whole army of over 1000 men; that’s a simple answer; they are more or less the same calibre in several ideas especially in the field of primitive ‘Jujus’. Yaya and Almamo had always shared the funny dream that the abundant of charms and ‘Jujus’ supplied to them by their marabous were actual bullet proof stuffs. Well, I only hope the demise of Almamo was a proper wake up call for the superstitious Jammeh to now know that those things don’t work at all.

As for the rest of the Gambian soldiers the fall of the mighty Lt. Landing Sanneh and Lt. Almamo Manneh was typical example of what could happen to those who have less faith in god and decided to choose the satanic path of evil doers. The Jammeh government had been built through treachery and deceit and Yaya has perfected his skill of destroying his greatest loyalists particularly the fanatical ones; ask Edward Singhateh if you want to know more about that. As a matter of fact it would have been an insult to the Gambia Army for Almamo and Landing to successfully lead them in a coup. Even Kukoi with his own madness would have been a better choice.

To be continued…

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