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Author: Dr.Muhammed Teks Tekany

By Dr. Muhammed Teks Tekanyi

To: The African Leaders,

Cc: Fellow Africans.

Dear all,

Some of you may not agree but I’ve always thought of HUNGER, IGNORANCE (and POOR HEALTH) being the main problems of our Africa!

For the hungry can do ANYTHING (which could include crimes, corruption, etc) to relief the hunger.

And the ignorant on the other hand, knows NOTHING on the difference between right and wrong (and are as well unaware of the consequences) in as much as what is done is satisfying.

Thus, the ANYTHING and NOTHING singly or combined can result to POOR HEALTH and as well INSECURITY which both are the drainage of our economy!

Hence the need to educate and feed our people in order to solve our centuries old continental problems which will give a resultant reduction in our expenditures!

Yours in hope and prayers,

NB: Not copied to donor agencies!


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