Sacked PMO PS Bounces Back

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PMO PS Dawda D Fadera

The sacked Permanent Secretary of the Personal Management Office (PMO) in the Gambia has been reinstated, family sources confirmed. Dawda Fadera was yanked from his post in July 2011.

Mr. Fadera was reinstated without explanation, leaving room for speculation that President Yahya Jammeh has regained control of hi senses having realized that all the information he had received about the man are “baseless and unfounded.”

”Since his sacking, the PMO has been going through immense difficulties ranging from lack of experience on the part of Mr. Fadera’s successors, in handling the post, to lack of coherence in their implementation and execution of state policies relating to the PMO.

An insider at the PMO informed Kibaaro News that Mr. Fadera was one of the longest serving Permanent Secretaries in the Jammeh administration. He has been holding such a position since the era of former President Dawda Jawara, garnering vast knowledge knowledge and experience in manning the post and the civil service.

”All what Jammeh needs to know is that frequent sackings of innocent people who are hardworking, in order to put his tribe‚Äôs men who are nothing but empty brains, would not help him no the Gambia” an insider at the PMO advised the president.

It was widely speculated that President Jammeh’s main reason for removing Mr. Fadera was to pave way for one of his tribe’s men to take over. A move which has been credited for the awarding of many government scholarship to the President’s tribes men at the expense of the deserving students. It is now hoped that with the return of Mr. Fadera to the post; the deserving Gambian students will have an opportunity to receive government scholarships without favour of tribe.

Mr. Fadera could not be reached for his comments but a closed family member has confirmed to Kibaaro News that he was back to work since last week as the Permanent Secretary of PMO.


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