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 Sulayman Jeng

Sulayman Jeng

Perhaps when a non-Gambian who knows little or nothing about the repressed tiny West African state hears President Jammeh speaks from afar would be tempted to think the Gambia is not only a nuclear super power but a country whose citizen use banknotes as toilet tissues, walk on gold-paved roads and enjoy excessive freedom. In other words, each Gambian has a slice of heaven delivered at his/her doorstep each morning under the leadership of Africa’s King of impunity

Speaking to a crowd of helpless Gambian youths, incorrigible Monster Jammeh said he will physically retaliate to the EU if any migrant ship carrying a Gambian is sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. Listening to the deluded Gambian leader rants like chump, I could not help but recollect Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya during the days leading to their countries invasion by the West and wondered if he really knows what he is courting. Assuming another ship carrying a Gambian is sank in the Mediterranean Sea, which of the EU countries will he bombard? Will he walk into the British High Commission residence in Bakau and kill all of them? Oh hell no, a monkey knows which tree to caress its rump on. Better still has he got long range missiles that can even reach Italy?

While he was howling, IMF released a damning report of the Gambian economy. The report explicitly states, an “extended period of poor economic performance has left the Gambia facing serious economic difficulties”. To resuscitate the economy, the report stipulated “the Gambian economy requires strong corrective actions and comprehensive reforms to neutralise its current challenges and set it on a path to sustainable higher growth rate”.  The report went on to warn failure to adhere to these corrective actions, “the Gambia would risk undergoing a forced adjustment” because “These developments would escalate substantially the roll-over risks of domestic public debt and push it onto an unsustainable path, increasing significantly the risk of a loss of confidence in the currency as international reserves fall to an uncomfortable level, and potentially triggering a banking crisis given the elevated level of commercial banks’ exposure to government debt”.

Even a layman in economics would expect President Jammeh in the wake of such an alarming report on the economy to ponder on initiating and implementing the corrective actions to revamp the economy instead of tuning the drums of war. Furthermore, one would equally expect Monster Jammeh telling the youths what programmes his regime has coined for them to make the backway to Europe less attractive. Lamentably, Monster Jammeh only excels in issuing chilling threats, murdering vulnerable Gambians and muzzling free speech. When I asserted Dictator Jammeh epitomises evil and lacks compassion, my sceptics branded me a new keyboard revolutionary pygmy in the block. However, since then my assertion has outlived the termites of time. Referring to the Banjul thwarted December plotters, he told the crowd, “They died like dogs and they could not even kill a single Gambian soldier”. Where is the compassion and respect for human life in Yahya Jammeh? Any person who has respect for human life will not intentionally harm another. The stronger ones always look out for the weak and less fortunate instead of bullying one another. But what do Gambians get served by Dictator Jammeh? Unlawful incarceration, enforced disappearances, extra-judicial killing and maiming tortures

In the recent past, Jammeh of all people whose main reason of coming to power was Jawara’s overstaying his welcome vehemently opposed a move by ECOWAS to introduce a two-term limit for Presidents of its members. It spells vividly Jammeh’s two-face character and hypocrisy. Albeit Jawara has stayed for 30 years he is no near to Jammeh flamboyant life. Jammeh now owns a fleet of the most expensive American cars in his collection. It is an open secret that Yahya Jammeh was always struggling to keep up his rent. Regular meal was a luxury for him. Now he is richer than the countries assets put together. Is that the type of leader Gambian youths want for the Gambia? In light of this, who will in his right mind expect Dictator Jammeh to allow electoral reforms comes 2016 Presidential election

To win the respect of the youths, he directs misguided hatred towards the West and blame them for his political and economic mess. The West has not sponsored any Gambian to rise against his tyranny. Gambians are feeling the heatwaves of his oppression every day. As a consequent, some are now standing up to say enough is enough.


Sulayman Jeng,

Birmingham, UK

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