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UDP supporters at a similar task force meeting

UDP supporters at a similar task force meeting

Impeachable sources within the ambit of Dictator Jammeh’s Kanilai villa reports the UDP activists, who were invited to meet over 500 Kombo South party supporters have been arrested today at Madiyan Village. They embarked on a grassroots sensitisation early this morning in an effort to strengthen, as well as amass more support base for their party before the 2016 Presidential election.  

The activists who were legally meeting party supporters were rounded up by a convoy of Police Officers and taken to Tujereng Police Station for questioning.

At Tujereng Police Station, officers segregated the arrested UDP male militants from their female colleagues. According to one of the police officers at the station, instruction was received to transfer the male militants to Bundung Police station while the females remained in Tujereng awaiting further instruction about their fate.

 The following youth leaders are confirmed arrested with others yet to be name: Jerre Fatty, Fakeba Kolly, Falang Sonko, Baby Sonko, Maimuna Darboe, and Lang Marong.

The UDP youth Secretary Solo Sandeng’s mobile was seized whilst attempting to assist the two female activists still in detention at Tujeren police station.  Baby Sonko and Maimuna Darboe are still yet to be release.

UDP Leader call for the immediate release of his activist, citing the youths were within their rights to gather and talk about party matters. The country is unstable and tense. This is a developing story, more updates to follow.

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