UDP Treasurer Amadou Sanneh Sent to Jail For 5 years

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Amadou sanneh UDP

UDP Treasurer Convicted

The trial of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Treasurer  today ended with a travesty of justice, with the presiding judge sending Amadou Sanneh and his co-accused to jail for five years.

The verdict, handed down by the mercenary judge Justice Emmnual Nkea at the High Court in Banjul, is yet another onslaught on the Gambia’s justice system.

Throughout the month long trial, Mr. Sanneh had enjoyed the support of the UDP leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, party supporters, family and his legal team. Justice Nkea has not yet read the grounds for convicting Mr. Sanneh and co-accused, raising suspicion that he might be receiving orders from President Yahya Jammeh.

Opposition supporters and sympathisers said the case is a politically motivated, aimed principally to neutralize the opposition ahead of the 2016 polls.

Amadou Sanneh, who is not surprised by the outcome of the case, is reported to be in high spirits. He maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

Mr. Sanneh was earlier arrested and detained for more than a week without trial or charge, a clear violation of his constitutional rights. It coincided with the public humiliation and shame meted out to President Jammeh in New York. He was put under siege by angry Gambian protesters. President Jammeh is believed to have vented his anger on Amadou Sanneh and co-accused, using them as “sacrificial lambs.”

Amadou Sanneh was physically tortured by Gambian security for merely writing an attestation letter for one Malang Fatty. The said letter was intercepted from Mr. Fatty while trying to leave the country. In the letter, Mr. Sanneh attested to the violations of human rights in the country. 

Amadou Sanneh, formerly the Accountant General who was dismissed by President Jammeh’s military junta, is a Chartered professional accountant. Sanneh established a private Accountancy firm.

Scores of UDP youths on Tuesday stormed the NIA demanding the release of their members under their custody.

President Jammeh is said to be set for a countrywide tour on Thursday. He has reportedly instructed Justice Nkea to fast track Amadou Sanneh’s case to avert any unexpected incidences by sympathisers. It is against this background that Justice Nkea stayed away from delivering a verdict on the case of Njogu Bah and Lamin Jobarteh since those two individuals lack public sympathy.

Kibaaro News contacted the leader of the United Democratic Party for his opinion on the verdict. “A good man has been wrongly punished,” Lawyer Darboe said, describing Mr. Sanneh as “an upright professional, a patriotic Gambian who has all the opportunity to live a comfortable life and avoid any inconvenience by the politics of this country. He is very independent right here in this country. Many of his peers are enjoying the finest elite social live, not Amadou Sanneh.”

The UDP leader classified the verdict as “a travesty of Justice, I spend my life defending the law, and sadly, it has slipped away, hijacked. Today, the verdict is a stab at heart of every conscientious Gambian who loves the country, peace and security.” He added, “people have now been pushed to the corner, there is no safeguard or leverage for the common man. There is no avenue for redress, and Justice is hanging in the balance, sanity and human dignity is totally raped and discarded. The matter is now that of urgency. Fathers are put away for no tangible, or valid reason. People are denied their basic rights, that even animals are given in other countries. This is shocking and an indication that, Gambia is in a slippery slope. I am very angry to comment further.”


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