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Gambian activists in the United Kingdom have issued a press release notifying the Gambians in the UK of the creation of the new organisation called UKGambians. The organisation’s press release reads:

“UKGambia is a movement created by Gambians living in the United Kingdom who played an active role in effecting democratic change in The Gambia. Over the last two years the movement has organised series of protests, conferences and fund-raising events in the UK to promote democracy and good governance in The Gambia. As we approach the Inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow, scheduled for 19th January, 2017, Gambians in the United Kingdom have initiated the process of reinventing themselves around common aims and objectives and are extending an invitation to all Gambians resident in the UK to participate in this process set to conclude by February 18th, 2017.”

This process is in anticipation of a more collaborative relationship with the imminent change in Government. UKGambia will be a non-profit and non-partisan organisation tasked to address collective challenges facing Gambians in the United Kingdom. In an interview with Quest TV, President-elect Adama Barrow disclosed that a communique will be sent to Gambians in the Diaspora who he said “worked very hard and fought for this day, they are part of it and we want them to be part of it.” The soon to be president also stated that his new government will look to support Gambian Entrepreneurs. It is with this in mind that UKGambia has begun a dialogue with its general membership to formulate some short and long term objectives such as;

  • Promoting a united Diaspora in the United Kingdom and abroad,
  • Promoting Gambian culture and values,
  • Exploring means of mitigating the deadly consequences of illegal migration, and
  • Maintaining a yearly calendar of events and activities in sync with other Diaspora Groups.

UK Gambia is mindful of the need to collaborate to help build a #NewGambia. We draw inspiration from the strength of unity demonstrated by the Gambian Coalition within a very short period. With this in mind we extend an invitation to all Gambians in the UK to collaborate and organise ourselves around critical issues such as; diaspora vote, diaspora member of parliament, job opportunities, youth and women empowerment, initiatives to encourage development and curb illegal migration in The Gambia. We believe this can be addressed whilst organising social events such as workshops, fundraising ventures, gala dinners, cultural events, shows, conferences and more. Having initiated numerous protests over the years we envisage that this will no longer be required if the Government adheres to its promise of Democracy and Good Governance.

UKGambia’s social movement is set to commence with an Inauguration and Independence Day Celebration scheduled for 18th February 2016 in London. Details of the venue and program will be announced as soon as the final arrangements are confirmed. The organisation structure including the constitution and executive positions are set to be concluded by Independence Day when the Executive Committee will be elected. In light of this we encourage everyone resident in the UK to volunteer and play an active part in the UKGambia organisation. Inauguration T-Shirts will be made available soon to kick start our Inauguration and Independence Day celebration event.

We remain to The Gambia Ever True. Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

Contact: Yusef Taylor (Flex Dan), 07592338875

Mariama Juwara, 07950507903

Gibril Saine, Yunus Hydara and Mai Kanyi

UKGambia activities in 2016 have been;

  • February – Protest to commemorate Independence Day
  • April – Protest for the victims of April 2000 and the release of all Political Prisoners
  • July – Protest against the July 22nd APRC Coup and a meeting with UK MPs in House of Commons
  • November – Fundraiser for the December 2016 Elections
  • December – Three Protests, One at 10 Downing Street and Two at the Gambian Embassy

More recently in January 2017 UK Gambians visited The Nigerian House to prevail on them to discourage Nigerian Judges from participating in Jammeh’s Kangaroo court. UKGambia welcomes the response from the Nigerian Bar who did not send any judges to annul the elections results. We will like to take this opportunity to wish the entire Diaspora, Gambians and friends of The Gambia a prosperous 2017. We also thank all organisations and individuals who stood with us in our divine quest to bring democracy and peace back to The Gambia. You can follow our Facebook page for up to date information on UKGambia.


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  1. This is a great move. I wish to commend. and encourage you all for this wonderful move. I pray that Allah gives you all good health and wisdom to continue steering the daily affairs of UKGambia… I am very interested to join and I look forward to that…..Best wishes Alieu M Kandeh…

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