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Image; courtesy of Israel – Palestine Conflict

Few days ago, I was watching a video appearance of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu where he was saying that their goal was to maximize civilian casualties that are children and women. “ Really ?”I started asking myself. But then it reminded me of a conspiracy that Jewish people have to rid Palestine of Palestinian people. Whether you are pro-Israeli or pro-Palestine , I hope after reading this brief history, you will make your own judgment and perhaps see things from human points of view.

I had a very good Jewish friend who one day after he attended Jumuah prayers with me , invited some friends at Chili’s restaurant. David L attend my Jumuah prayer to learn more about Islam and I went to the synagogue to learn more about Judaism. This was two years ago in 2012. While we were having good time at Chilis , a friend of ours asked both me and my Jewish friend David a question that was not quite uncommon. He said Jabbi, you are a Muslim and David is a Jew, how comes you too get along so well? I had my answer in mind but I wanted David to respond first which he did. After he finished, I started my answers which was in the form of a history lesson to all the four other people in our company at Chilis. And here it went like this.First of all, I don’t know why they could not be. They never had problems until after world war two and I will tell you all. At that time, instead of eating our food we ordered, they were all listening to me lecturing them . Muslims don’t hate Jews because they see them as cousins both children of Abraham.

Throughout history of Islam , Judaism as well as Arab history, the Jews enjoyed the best protections under Muslims and Arabs until 1946 . Prior to that year, Muslims protected the Jews from Christians who every Easter would go on killing the Jews because that time reminded them the moment when the Jews killed Jesus They (Jews) would seek refuge with the Muslims and Muslims in turn gave them full security . Every Muslim generation from Muhammad to the generations prior to creation of the Jewish state in 1946 carried this tradition . They never saw them as enemies but as cousins which are families.
Around or prior to 1918, the Arabs welcomed the Jews to have their own city( Tel Aviv) in Palestine and they were living in peace and harmony ever since with their cousin Arabs. No problem at all. In 1946, the whole Judo-Arab problems started and then turned to be Judo-Islam problem. The Jews used religion to attract more Jews and the Arabs used Islam to attract more Muslims to their sides. It was a political issue which turned to religious ones .

After world war two , the British wanted to reward a very prominent Jewish scientist named Dr. Weizmann whose inventions helped the Brits with their weapon systems and eventually their successful world war two stories. He ( Dr. Weizmann) wanted a permanent Jewish state after all Hitler killed six millions of them; and since the British had Palestine as their colonial territory, that was the option and the fact that that was were Jerusalem was too. Hence the British gave him( Weizmann) Palestine as his reward. So Dr. Weizmann was the father of modern Israel. He invited all the Jews around the world ( from Britain, France, Austria, Australia, Russia, Poland, German and Argentina ).
In 1946, they had a convention where prominent Jews met to discuss the future and the nature of the future Jewish state and had Jews from all over in the meeting.
Present was a young Jew, thirty years old Austrian journalist working for a German news paper called Frankfurter . His name was Leopold Weiss, a young Jew with conscience and these are the things he had to say to the Zionists.
David(my friend) then interrupted me and let us knew that he was not a Zionist and he explained to us the difference between Zionists and other Jews and that not all Jews including himself and his family are Zionist.

Here now are the words of the young Leopold Weiss( A Jew) .
“ I had the disturbing impression that even he ( Talking about Dr. Weizmann) like most of the other Zionists was inclined to transfer the moral responsibility for all that was happening in Palestine to the outside world. This compelled me to break through the differential hush -with which all other people present were listening to him and to ask …What about the Arabs?” I must have committed a faux pas by bringing a jarring note into the conversation. For Dr. Weizmann turned his face slowly towards me : put down the cup he had been holding in his hand and repeated the question…..What about the Arabs?”
“ Well how can you ever hope to make Palestine your homeland in the face of the vehement opposition of the Arabs who after all are in the majority?”
The Zionist leader shrugged his shoulders and answered drily
“ We expect that they won’t be in the majority after few years”.
“ Perhaps so you have been dealing with the problem for years and must know the situation better than I do but quite apart from the political difficulties which the Arab opposition may or may not put in your way, does not the moral aspect of the question ever bother you? Don’t you think it is wrong on your part to displace the people who have always live in this country?” “ But it’s our our country “ . Dr Weizmann replied raising his eye brows. We are doing no more than taking back what we have been wrongly deprived of.”

The young Leopold continues thus: “ How was it possible I wondered for people endowed with so much creative intelligence as the Jews to think of the Zionist -Arabs conflicts in their own terms alone?” Did they not realized that the problem of the Jews in Palestine could in the long run be solved only through friendly cooperation with the Arabs? Were they so hopelessly blind to the painful future which their policy must bring to the struggle , the bitterness and the hatred to which the Jewish Island? Even if temporarily successful would forever expose in the midst of hostile Arab sea and how strange, I thought that a nation which had suffered so many wrongs in the course of its long and sorrowful diaspora was now in the single minded pursuit of its own goal ready to inflict a grievous wrong on another nation and a nation that too, was innocent of all that past Jewish sufferings? Such a Phenomena I knew was not unknown to history. But it made me nonetheless very sad to see it enacted before my own eyes” .

At that point I could see all shaking their heads . I looked at all of them one by one and said to them that the Jews had agenda to displace or rid Palestinians of their homes and all the Zionists are aware of that.( You remember when Weizmann told Weiss that in few years they won’t be in the majority?). The Arabs are too “dumb “ to understand that and they resort to violence to claim their land. The Arabs will never win this battle through violence. They need the sympathy of the whole world . Big powers like the United States , Britain, China , Russia will have to be neutral to solve the problem. But as long as the west is backing the Jews, the East ( China and co) remains silent and the Arabs or Muslims see this as war on Islam ( which will surely have more Christians on Jews side), instead of Jews and Arab war, this war will never end until generations of Palestinians are wiped out. Or unless the political land scape in the United States is altered where as there are more Muslims in the political offices here or have more Muslims/Arabs sympathizers, the war is never ending. Until that day, we will see cluster bombs, F-16s dropping on the helpless innocent Arab children and women because those are the ones that will potentially reproduce and continue their existence. The Arabs need to stop the violence against the Jews because it is not working in their favor. Stone throwing population cannot match with those with M4 and M16 rifles, bombs , T4s name them. Get to the streets until the world is on your side no matter how long it takes. I am not pessimist but a realist and that is how I am seeing this terrible human tragedy.

May God give us the moral courage to stand up for what is right. May he bless all humanity and hope some day there will be two state solutions for the Jews and Palestinians.

By Bamba Jabbi