Videos Expose Corruption of Jobarteh, Chief Justice

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YouTube Videos posted online in two series – parts 1 and 2  – have exposed the corrupt practices of the Gambia’s dismissed Minister of Justice Lamin Jobarteh and Chief Justice Joseph Wowo.

The former Justice Minister threatened an opposing party to accept six hundred thousand Dalasis or lose millions. Both parties have their Nigerian lawyers present at a meeting held at the residence of Justice Jobarteh.

In the the two videos posted by theinformer9849, Jobarteh and Wowo were heard negotiating with two accused persons that have pending cases in court. The accused persons met with Justice Jobarteh at his home where they paid for their cases to be buried under the carpet.

The video exposes Justice Wowo forcing one of the parties to offer something, although he had repeatedly admitted that his action was wrong. Justice Wowo said he should not have been present at such a meeting.

Ironically, Justice Wowo who is now appointed the Chief Justice of the Gambia asked one of the accused persons to pay something if he did not want to lose his pending case at the court.  In the end, Justice Wowo backed down.