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Coalition members on their way to nominate Adama Barrow in the run up to the December 2016 Presidential elections

By Yanks Dabo

If it comes to party politics in The Gambia, I’m sure many of my acquaintances on FB would attest to the fact that I am UDP to the core. However, as we approach the National Assembly elections, scheduled for April 2017, I want us all, the opposition supporters of The Gambia, to find common ground in unity and advocate and prevail on the coalition party leaders to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections, in the same united front as they approached the Presidential elections of 1 December 2016, which drove out the Dictator Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea.

I just returned from The Gambia, yesterda

y 28 February 2017, the unity of our people under the Coalition Presidency of President Adama Barrow, is paramount and crucial to the promotion and sustaining of unity among our people, peace and progression of the country, during this trying times of our county.

There is a serious threat of divisions in The Gambia along the Mandinka – Jola tribal lines, an unfortunate legacy of Yahya Jammeh’s 22 years of divide and rule dictatorship. The least Gambia needs, at present, is to further broaden those fault lines into Mandinka-Jola-Fula and Wolof tribal lines, which is the risk, if the coalition should further disintegrate or gives the impression of such.

For this reason, in the interest of national unity, I think we must all abdicate our political party interests for the greater good of our country’s national interest and unity just for the next five years. At that point the memory of Yahya Jammeh’s legacy would have been a distance past!

The diaspora Gambians have played an important role in bringing and achieving the coalition that defeated Jammeh on December 1st, 2016, we can achieve the same in the upcoming parliamentary elections of April 2017.

To achieve this, we ourselves must remain united behind the coalition and make the same clear to our various party leaders that we want our victorious coalition of December 1st, 2016 to be victorious again in the upcoming April 2017, parliamentary elections.



  1. Very True Yanks. For the sake of National Unity and Stability the Coalition must be seen and felt as a unitary unifying force; less we forget the bitter
    political experiences in Chile with Allende, the Derk in Ethiopia, the Lule anti Amin Ugandan Coalition……

  2. Yanks, that is what everybody would like to see; a coalition. However, that is only possible when other parties show and demonstrate willingness to do so. When I read in thegambiaecho.com that PDOIS wants to contest for about 20 seats, I suspect that there is cynicism behind the move. In fact the initiative not to accept any ministerial position was the beginning of such moves. Knowing who Halifa is let us forget about the issue of coalition.

    In the first place the party is one of the smallest of all the parties if not the smallest. If PDOIS takes 20 then nothing is definitely left for others. We must be very careful about Halifa.

    Morro Touray

  3. Yanks Darbo, the problem is indeed Party POLITICS. At least, you admitted that “you are UDP to the Core”. If everyone Sees or Acts Subliminally with a Core Tenent of Party POLITICS first, then National Politics Second, Gambia is in Trouble….

  4. Contests: Gambia’s salvation lies not in Party POLITICS, but in Coalition Building and in Cross-Section National Politics. I do not mean Cynical and Manipulative type being Witnessed at the moment. That I dare say, is a UDP Creation and Offspring…

  5. Contests: For the most part, the current Political and Social Tensions are being formented by Interior Minister Mai Fatty and Ousainou Darbo, all UDP who apparently fancy themselves as Kings and are entitled to Rule over their Gambians subjects by Force. Such an allegation may seem harsh or not objective. However, an examination of the Duos Actions in recent weeks all point to the same conclusion. UNCONSTITUTIONAL Appointments, UNCONSTITUTIONAL removal of the Age limit in a manner that can only be described as Arrogant,Despotic, and boardering on Treason. Unlawful and Illegal Ordering of the Paramilitary to arrest Fellow Gambians just because they had an argument and or altercation with UDP Supporters and Kicking them up at Mike 2, Strikes at the very Core of the Protest and Revolt Against former President Yaya Jammeh’s regime for allegedly engaging in similar Unlawful and Illegal excercise of Naked POWER. Recently, Mai Fatty, the Minister of the the Interior was reported to have Ordered the arrest of One Fatou Badgie for allegedly “insulting” President ADAMA Barrow. I did not know when and how did ADAMA Barrow became a Monarchy, Sovereign, a Mansa/King. Are Kings elected? Even if they are, in the Ganbian context, where within our Constitutional Democratic Dispensation of December 1, 2016, and Under the 1997 Constitution does it Stipulate that it is Lawful to Arrest, Detain and Jail or Lock up a Woman for expressing her Freedom of Speech? It is many of these Authorcratic, Despotic and Criminal behavior that is Sauring many Coalition Government Supporters to turn their backs on UDP and especially, Mai Fatty and Ousainou Darbo regime. The elephant in the room that is not acknowledged by many Gambians is the fact of the UNILATERAL AND Independent Diplomatic Negotiations and Treaties that are being Signed by UDP without the Parliamentary Input and Oversight. The Senegalese ECOMIG Contingent have been Empowered to Act as Police with Arresting and Detention powers in the Gambia, Act as Gambian Boarder Patrols, Encamp anywhere especially, in the Fonis without Parliamentary Approval or Oversight. Given the relationship between the Gambia under former President Yaya Jammeh and Senegalese President Macky Sall, the fact that Jammeh is a Jola from the Gambia Fonis is directly related to the uneven Stationing of the Senegalese ECOMIG Contingent Primarily in the Fonis. This is Not by accident. It is delibrate and calculated to Intimidate and Subjugate the Foni JOLA TRIBE into Submission. Such a State of Affairs, can only alienate both the UDP and their leadership on one side, the JOLA TRIBE and other Tribes who see the Cynical and Manipulative Intent by Mai Fatty and Ousainou Darbo’s UDP with their Senegalese Overlord, Macky Sall of Senegal.The News of UDP and Ahmat Bah going it alone during the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, is more of the same Arrogance, Manipulative, and Illegal UNCONSTITUTIONAL Appointments and Declarations that have Not been Vetted and then had to be Retracted. A plurality and significantly more Gambians fought for the Current Dispensation the Gambia who are Not UDP Party Members, but Supported the Coalition Alliance. If the UDP under Mai Fatty, Ousainou Darbo regime believes that they are now in Charge in the Gambia and therefore, they can “go it alone and at the same time do as they want, I am reminded of a quotation attributed to former President Lyndon B. Johnson, that, “any Jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a Carpenter to rebuild it”. Let’s hope Mai Fatty and Ousainou Darbo and their advisers read and think about the implicit and explicit meaning of the quotation. Gambia is More than the Sum Total of One individual, One Ethnic Group One Region.One Gambia, One People and One Destiny.

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