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Jammeh holding "quran"
President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh: Is he holding the real Quran?

Gambian president has asked African leaders to “wake up from their slumber” and avoid the West from easily achieving their objectives on the continent. He accused the West of being interested in every commodity in Africa except kola nut. 

The above statement was part of President Yahya Jammeh’s advice to President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone. The message, delivered to Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the Gambia, was delivered at State House last week.

President Jammeh said when his military junta that forced its way into power the West thought he would not be able to pay salaries. “They were dumbfounded that my government did not only pay salaries but in fact increase salaries,” Mr. Jammeh said. “They asked where I got the money from but I told them Allah is my World Bank.”

Mr. Jammeh, who demonstrates his connection with Allah with holding praying beads and the Holy Quran [perhaps a fake one] said, “Every day I pray to Allah to help me, to never fail my people, lest my enemies become happy.”

He said “thanks to Allah, the Gambia is gradually developing and we will work closely and concretely with genuine African countries.”

Gambian president blamed the British colonialists for coming and staying in the Gambia without obtaining visas for 400 years during which they only built one hospital and one high school. “So you see it would take them, 800 years to build two hospitals and two high schools,” he said, wondering why “a black man today has to go through hell before he/she can secure a Shenanigan visa. But they the West finds it easy to come to Africa and expected to be accorded protocol.”