What I Expect From Lawyer Ousainou Darboe

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The Simple Fact is that Gambians don’t

Have Balls & They Don’t wear Trousers


OusainouBy Papa Kumba Loum

As a lawyer and responsible citizen etc, etc, I expect Lawyer Darboe to talk about constitutionalism when it comes to removing Jammeh and forging a way forward. Having said that however, I totally agreed with those who are of the view that that Jammeh will never allow himself to be removed by elections. It is my personal opinion that anyone who believes that Jammeh will be removed by a democratic process such as elections is indeed not only a dreamer but politically foolish. I don’t want to delve into the reasons why I am saying so in this piece suffice it to say that Jammeh will only leave power by violent means and or the immediate and real threat of force. Period. Jammeh has everything to lose if he hands over power peaceful. Jammeh is a mad dictator, a raw bully, and lacks human decency.  

The UDP and others can idealize and romanticize about the possibility of a free and fair election until dooms day. Meanwhile, Jammeh will continue to brutalize and torture Amadou Sanneh, imprison and murder its [UDP] supporters while we continue to talk about “due process, the rule of law and the laws of natural justice” when we all know that we have a lame duck legal and judicial system.

Let us face it, the UDP and other parties must show that they have balls and that their leaders and supporters wear real trousers. You cannot claim to have an overwhelming support of the people and not have any protest marches, demonstrations, picketing of the NIA Head Quarters and civil disobediences across the country after all that this monster has done to all and sundry. And please don’t tell me that you are waiting for a police permit from the Minister of Interior.

It seems that Gambians are waiting for God to come down from heaven with his legion of army to remove Yahya Jammeh and his group of Bandits at the NIA. Shame on all of us who sit and write copious letters, comments, opinions and rejoinders – (Papa Kumaba Loum included- but at least I do not lead a political party with a following). GAMBIANS, Yahya Jammeh has emasculated all of us.

Unfortunately for Gambians, there are no shops to rent or hire balls to be men enough to confront this evil Jammeh.  

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