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The Dictator

My literature teacher once confided that “the whole world is a stage where some of us become performers while others settle as an audience”. History, on the other hand, discerns us under three distinct reputes: makers, observers and destroyers. Yesterday I had a briefed but refreshing chat with Lt Lamin Gano on Facebook on the current political impasse which led us to talk about our security services and their role in the impasse.

Sulayman Jeng: There should be no renegotiation with the devil. He had the opportunity and blew it up and now he is threatening us. Since he has chosen a fight let us fight. Whoever dies so be it. The heroes will be celebrated and families compensated. But Jammeh will leave by force period.
Gano Lamin: Oga Sulayman Jeng sticks and stones are not compatible with guns and bullets. That will not be a fight but a massacre.
Sulayman Jeng: Don’t worry only two drones will be dropped, one at state house and the other in Kanilai and that will be enough to flush this oaf for good.
Gano Lamin: Come on Oga!!!! You know and I know that drones are not used to fight for democracy, human rights and good governance. If that was the case, then the Saudi Monarch would have been history decades ago.
Sulayman Jeng: The geographical position and features of the Gambia only avail a street to street fight which will lead to more civilian casualties. But targeted air raids will do the magic before sending foot soldiers to consolidate the finished job.
Gano Lamin: Sulayman Jeng ECOWAS has no mandate to use military force to enforce democracy/election results. All the cases of military intervention in Africa only came about during an active conflict; never before.
Sulayman Jeng: Ok let see what happens next my learned friend.
Gano Lamin: But let’s assume that there is indeed a military intervention and Jammeh is booted out. How do you think the Coalition Government will be able to govern and implement their manifesto under an environment of mistrust and animosity with the security forces? How would you sleep in peace when the dog stationed outside to protect you is bitter/angry with you?
Sulayman Jeng: Flush out all the bad elements within the security service. Retrain the remaining good ones. Give them opportunities to develop not only their persons but the services themselves. Let us say for instance, the mechanics on the service to be given all government mechanical contracts. All funds generated from such ventures be divided in half, one goes back to central gov and the other retain to buy new equipment and to fund further training of the unit. Builders the same. Within a five year period they will not only be professional but independent and capable to complete with the civil and private sector for contracts. How does that sound my good friend?
Gano Lamin: “Flush out”. That literally made me cringe!!! Bro, we have a working population of less than 1 million and the Gambia is one of the least developed countries in the world. We need each and every person and all hands on deck to develop and forge ahead bro. So we should be using terms like expansion, upgrading, all-inclusiveness, development etc instead of flush, get rid of, eliminate etc. We should be thinking of commissions of reform, progress etc instead of commissions of justice or inquiries….
Sulayman Jeng: You cannot upgrade a rotten element, but expand what can be productive. Let us be honest comrade. An armed soldier who does not know the potent of what he carries in his hand and prefers to defend the selfish ego of an individual against the territorial integrity of his country and the freedom of the majority, tell me how can you upgrade or include that soldier in national development?
Gano Lamin: Sulayman Jeng I will respond to this with a complete blog. Give me a few hours in shaa Allah.
Sulayman Jeng: Thanks my learned friend

Albeit few gallant soldiers lost their all in quests to dislodge the world most heinous dictator of all times, the Gambia Security Services more especially the GNA and NIA continued to dismay Gambians with their unwitting commitment in not only abetting Monster Jammeh but their futile attempt in resuscitating his dead regime. It is not an embellishment to vehemently conclude the current Gambian political impasse which may inevitably turn nasty is the GNA’s darling baby. Could I be possibly wrong? Before you decide, allow me to present you my case.

Immediately trekking on the footprint of Jammeh’s concession is the security chiefs’ pledge of support to President-elect Barrow on GRTS. Even Judas-Mayor Colley-lent his voice in reiterating national peace, stability and unity outweighs personal goals. Then the most anticipated happened like a miscarriage of a most desired pregnancy. Jammeh rejected the results he barely accept a week earlier. Gambians stood by their decision which was complimented by universal condemnation of Jammeh’s chancy U-turn. Civil servants, students, diplomats, religious leaders and even some APRC militants pleaded with him to step down when his mandates expires on 18 January 2017 except the security services. CDS Badge rashly turned himself into a clown of the year by owlishly saying his salary is paid by Jammeh instead of Gambian tax payers. Like his Lord Commander-in-Chief, he fans the flames of war by dishonouring his pledge to the Coalition and President-elect Barrow. All this hullabaloo could not have been averted if the Security Chiefs had lend a hand to the voice of reason calling on Jammeh to step down when his term expires. Jammeh would not have been ranting and courting external military intervention. Perhaps, if you had made it clear to him that you will not die for him, he would have listened to the voice of reason. But you opted to give him false hopes while fully conscious that when the canon begin to sing, none of you will be out to dance with him. And two months from now, most of you will be beating yourself forever for not standing tall with #Gambia Has Decided. However, I take solace in the truism: Nothing good comes easy. To this Martin Luther King Jr has reassured Gambians that “We will overcome and you will reap what you sow”. Your preposterous attempt to delay the inevitability will only result in your disgraceful end.

For those particularly in the NIA currently conducting unlawful arrests of law abiding citizens, you are marring your future. All of you will be held accountable for your actions. The monster whose sorry ass you trying to cover is now on the run. You know that I track Jammeh’s every move. Presently, you advised him to switch off his satellite phone to avoid being traced in the event of an air strike by the ECOWAS military intervention. You sent GNA personnel to Jammeh Kunda as a deflection so that Bakau residents will think Jammeh was there. Well, your manoeuvre worked but for the hasty unprofessional. Jammeh and his militia led by Suwanding Camara are shuttling between Cape House and Gunjur. The botanical gardens he has chosen as a terrain and cover when there is a ground assault. The support weapons that are transferred at Cape House will avail all of you nothing but disgraceful end. In the cover of darkness you sneak him back to State House via the Gate adjacent the RVTH. Keep changing phone numbers hoping that will cover your shaky indelible footprints. You can take this to the bookies, we will dig out Jammeh from a hole like a rodent in broad daylight. And guess what? Media from the whole world will be there to shoot the block buster movie of the century. That moment. Chei that moment. Then the hunt for the traitors will begin. Run. Yes run as far as you can go but you will not escape. To safe us the show down, arrest and handover Jammeh to the police before it gets late for you.

Jammeh, gallant men don’t play hide and seek. If you aren’t a coward why you running like a fugitive? “I am ready to defence our sovereignty to the last” my foot. Who are you fooling? Certainly not me. Yes not me because like the proverbial ostrich, your sorry ass is in the open and I looking into your where sun never shines.

Sulayman Jeng,
Birmingham, UK

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