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United Nations Agencies in the Gambia through World Health Organization have equipped the Gambia to prepare and combat any outbreak of the Ebola virus. The support was multimillion dollar sanitary equipment and medical items donated to the Gambia Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for preparations and readiness to respond to the deadly Ebola virus in case of an outbreak.

“Today’s presentation was to further consolidate the United Nations respond to the ongoing preparatory measures earlier eluded.  UN believes that an emergency of this nature has far reaching complications and as a result, UN deems it fit to respond as a single entity these instead of intervening as separate domains”, WHO Country Representative Dr Charles Saego Moses said

“The join efforts of the UN system came at much unset when the West African nation declared a state of preparedness   for the Ebola virus”, WHO representative noted.

The WHO Envoy further revealed that the Ebola virus has not been detected in the Gambia yet, but nonetheless he was quick to add the zero percent margins should not mean any complacency. “The joint efforts of the UN came from the unset the Gambia declared a state of preparedness”, buttressed the WHO Representative.

“You may recalled when the  news of  the outbreak of  Ebola virus  in Guinea and other west African countries came , the Hon minister immediately responded by putting  in place a number of measures  including preparing and responding with a plan. He was also able to draw a package to UN System for support”, further elaborated the WHO envoy in the Gambia.

The WHO embarked on several capacity building programmes for stakeholders involve fight against the virus. The Gambia’s Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Omar Sey, commended UN for the support to the country’s health sector. “Gambia is currently serving under the World Health Organization board as committee which indicated that Gambia has done something to improve its health sector”, revealed Minister Sey.