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AMINATA’ requires overseas help to treat her left leg!


Aminata Karamo Krubally – seeks your kind assistance

A single parent Gambian mother, Mrs Aminata Krubally from Brufut Village, Kombo North, appeals for assistance to facilitate her 11 years old daughter, Miss Aminata Karamoko Krubally’s overseas treatment.

The young girl was involved in a serious car accident on 6th February 2015, when a runaway careless and callous driver run-her-over and left her to the mercy of death. She fortunately survived the accident after the kind assistance of the doctors and nurses at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul, where she was taken admitted.

The results of her injuries sustained had left her with a ring like scar on the mid-thigh of her left leg. Due to the depth and steepness of the wound and the resulting scar, she suffers cold pulse to the rest of her left leg and unable to feel any response to the stimulus of her leg. This means she is currently unable to move using that leg.

Due to lack of expert Neurosurgeon in private and public sector medical provider to assist address this deformity, the young girl’s mother has been advised to find overseas treatment for her.

However, her mother is a single parent, who is currently unemployed and had lost the young girl’s father 8 years ago; she seeks the kind and generous financial assistance of all kind hearted Gambians and non-Gambians alike to help her facilitate her daughter’s overseas treatment.

“I have spent all my savings on transport fares, traditional treatments and medical bills to help my daughter, but there was no improvement at home. These have exhausted my account leaving me with no choice but to seek for help from anyone no matter how little it is. Every week I have to buy medicine to keep her condition from worsening and now I have no money to carry on with it.” Tearful Aminata Krubally pleaded to Kibaaro News.

Aminata’s mother and family want to take her to Dakar for immediate medical care and for that reason implores the kind generosity of everyone. Kibaaro Management implores all our benevolent readers and audiences to kindly assist, as you have done for similar appeals in the past.

The following people can be contacted for assistance, Ms Aminata Krubally herself in the Gambia on telephone: (00220) 9862330 or (00220) 7376207.

Those in Sweden can contact Mr ALHAGIE SALIEU NJIE. For those in USA, around the Washington area can contact Mr BABA HYDARA. Those in Netherland can contact Mr LAMIN SADDAM SANYANY. And those in the United Kingdom can contact Mr BAMBA SERING MASS.

Those in UK who wants to donate and make payment to the following account details:

Bank: Barclays; Account Name: Mr Bamba Mass; Account Sort Code: 20-23-55; Account Number: 03417816

Alternatively, you can follow the link below to sponsor and/or donate generously towards young Amina’s overseas medical treatment.

Here is the gofundlink http://www.gofundme.com/pevp4w

Click here to support Amanita’s medical fund by Mai Muna Kanyi


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