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Author: Cherif Diallo

Author: Cherif Diallo

By Cherif Zawiya Diallo

The first month of the earliest Roman calendar, March, stem from the Latin word “Martis“ the God of war.  More than a month in the calendar or a war divinity, it symbolize a new season, a new beginning. With it comes spring, a season the northern hemisphere look forward to, after a harsh winter.

More than an almanac, March is the month of hope, celebration and recognition. It’s the month, dedicated to women. Let’s stop and acknowledge the merit of the most prolific being of our humanity. A being made of beauty, graciousness, unselfishness, caring and loving. More than anybody they deserve it.

With the spirit of spring, let’s reach out to them, who are still held into the depth of history by the weight of our macho society. Let’s bring them to the light of the twenty first century by honoring and acknowledging them. It’s in our best interest and the best interest of all Humanity. A woman with dignity is the world best hope.

Women’s issues should not be a once a year affair, but, an everyday issue. It’s time we stop playing the legislative roulette at their expense. Let’s not only look back at what have been done in the last twelve months since the last Women’s Month and Women’s Day but, to what lies ahead and needs to be done. A day and a month alone will not change anything without a willingness to make the changes happen. If raising a girl is raising a village (African proverb) then, an opportunity to a woman is an opportunities to the entire world.

Let’s do away with long speeches, empty promises and implement the Beijing declaration. Let’s make women’s issues and concerns our priority so they will make our world a better place. Let’s make Women’s Month and woman’s Day history by fully implement the 1995 women’s conference declaration. How long are we going to delay and postpone it? Isn’t twenty years enough? By delaying and postponing the implementation of the 1995 declaration of Beijing, China, we are denying opportunity to the whole world.

Our Macho society, as usual will give itself a self-satisfaction by using the well-known rhetoric “a lot has been done”. Our reaction to that should be, until women get an equal pay for an equal workload there will always be room for improvement. Action speaks louder than words. A woman victim of domestic abuse and violence is one woman too many. A woman victim of discrimination of any kind is one woman too many.

Two decade of wait is more than enough. Let’s not only bridge but close the gap. Let’s empower and restore women dignity once for all. It’s a moral thing to do. Women’s right is human’s right. Why wait? The time is now. “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” said Booker T. Washington. In this case the obstacle is nothing less than our macho society and it prehistoric policies and cultural costumes. We the people are the obstacles! Let’s remove them!

As I write these words my heart and prayers goes to the women in the war zones such as the Darfur in Soudan, South Soudan, Iraq (Yezidis), Syria and Nigeria where Boko Haram reign of terror is unheard of in that part of Africa. It also goes to you the everyday woman whose concern is the well-being of our communities. Let’s not forget the brave women of Guinee, Liberia and Sierra Leon who were for several months on the front line of the battle against Ebola virus.

I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to two outstanding women, Maria Hinojosa of Latino USA in New York City and Mariam Dao Gabala of OIkocredit in the Ivory Coast (West Africa). These two women for two decade have serve their communities with an unselfish devotion and made a huge difference in many lives.

Cherif Zawiya Diallo

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