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The Wularamang Association, which brings you the radio talk show that continues to attract large audiences, has now been registered as a non-profit organisation in Sweden. “The organization holds an open door policy and welcomes interested individuals and other organizations that cherish our values irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political affiliation”, reveals its committee.

Speaking to Kibaaro News, Kebba Landing Sonko, Chair and President of the organisation declared “Wularamang Bantaba Association is purely a non-profit-making, non-sacred and non-partisan political organisation formed on the backdrop of promoting our African cultural heritage and NKO literature”.  Mr Sonko went on to reveal “membership of the organisation is open to all who embraced it ideals and strive to promote African cultural independent by proliferating our ancient African culture wherever we may be in the globe but at the same time upholding oriental and occidental cultures”.  

There is no obligation on listeners and contributors to the program on Kibaaro News Radio to become members of the “Wularamang Bantaba Association. However, membership in the association avails the individual rights to determine as well as veto the day to day running of the association. Listeners are reminded that once they subscribed to the Skype id: Princegambia, they become automatic members of the “Wularamang Kachaa Bantaba”, which is a radio talk show hosted by the association. Consequently, to become a member of the association, one has to formerly register and pay a certain membership fee to the “Wularamang Bantaba Association”

The membership fee which entitles the individual to full access, vote, and administrative rights in the association is pegged at 200 Swedish KR per annum which is subject to periodic review by the executive and approval of the general body of members. An equivalent amount in any other currency is payable into WBA’s following account:

Account Number 838169332184572

The name of bank:  Swedbank