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Meanwhile, in Badibu, Kiang, Jarra or Niumi, where ever this fellow is from he is searching to join the programme!
Meanwhile in Badibu, Kiang, Jarra or Niumi, he is still searching for reception!
The old man wants to if he can join the programme via his radio.
The old man wants to know, if he can join the programme via his radio.



Kibaaro News has been reliably informed of the popularity of our flagship radio programme called the Wularamang Kachaa in the Gambia. Our correspondence in the Gambia confirmed that the programme is now the talk of town in the country, especially in the towns of Bakau and Brikama, where people flock to smartphones to listen to the popular programme.

Our correspondence compared the programme’s following to that of the followings of world cup football matches or champions’ league football matches in the country. He said despite the easier accessibility of the programme on smartphones, as Kibaaro Radio can be accessed through the TuneIn App, available for download on most smartphones or Pads, which many Gambians are now in possession of, people still prefer listening to the programme in groups or Bantabas. This, he explained, provides them the opportunity to talk about the programme, discuss it, debate and learned from it.

He further explained that the programme is popular, as the people feel confident to listen to it without any fear of being arrested by the country’s most feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA), as the programme does not discuss any politics.

Our reporter is working on gauging the opinions of the programme listeners in the streets, which we hope to report, as soon as it becomes available.

The ‘Wularamang Kachaa’ or ‘Bantaba’, as it’s also known, was initiated and presented by the Kibaaro Radio Manager, Pa Modou Bojang.

However, the programme has now grown to a point that it has a community of its own, whose members are responsible for its moderation. The programme is coordinated by Mr Lamin Jersey of Birmingham, UK. Mr. Kebba Landing Sonko, who reads the regular Sukuwos (poems) and Taalingo’s (stories) on the programme, is considered the commissioner of the community. Mr. Ebrima Darboe of Sweden is considered the Chief of the programme, whilst Imam Seedy Ali Janneh, the Gambian Imam of Gottenburg, Sweden, is considered the Imam of the community.

Speaking to Kibaaro Newspaper, the programme presenter Pa Modou Bojang opined that the programme is popular due to its exclusion of politics and religion from the discussions of the programme. This he explained had succeeded in uniting people of different political opinions and religions to come to the programme and educate each other without dispute or hatred. “It is purely an educational programme about the Mandinka Language and Culture”, Mr Bojang emphasis.

Mr Bojang explained that since the inception of the programme, he has received more than 300 friends’ requests to his Skype contact details of ‘princegambia’, which is also the main contact detail he used to host the programme. He said they have also received calls on the programme from participants in countries, where they never thought there is any Gambian living in those countries.

He further explained that he finds it rewarding that the programme had also assisted in re-uniting many old friends from the Gambia, who have not seen or heard from each other for ages.

Wularamang Kachaa is broadcasted live on Kibaaro Radio in the evenings from 7pm GMT to 9.30pm GMT, Sunday to Wednesday.

We would however seek your comments on identifying the man in the featured picture above carrying his battery on his head. Is he a Badibunka Man, or Kiangka Man, or a Jarranka Man, or Niuminka Man!